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Going through the signs you are a hopeless romantic might help you figure out a few things about yourself. For example, if you fall into the category of a ‘hopeless romantic’ you might realize that you are essentially an idealist and a strong believer in the power of love. Hopeless romantics are in no way hopeless; on the contrary they attain an immense amount of hope to someday find true love or even a life-long companion. So here are some of the signs you are a hopeless romantic to help you gain an insight on your own personality and love life.

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You Feel the Need to Shower Your Lover with Beautiful Surprises

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You desire to buy him small or big gifts, cook him something special and delicious or throw him a surprise party just to see him smile from ear to ear. It really makes you happy to see him happy!


You Thrive on Romantic Movies and Books

One of the more obvious signs you are a hopeless romantic is that you try to absorb romance and the idea of true love from anything you can lay your hands on, such as romantic movies and books. I wouldn’t be surprised if you re-watched all of the Nicholas Sparks’ movies and re-read your favorite romance novels from cover to cover!


You Are in Love with the Idea of Love

All hopeless romantics are just in love with the idea of love. They often jump into relationships and fall hard even for people they are not meant to be with. They love deeply, passionately, completely and sometimes even dangerously! The whole idea of loving and being loved intoxicates them, which is why sometimes it’s hard to differentiate whether they love someone or just in love with the idea of loving them.


You Daydream of Your Prince Charming

One of the telltale signs you belong in the category of hopeless romantics is that you constantly daydream about finding love and meeting your Prince Charming. Even before heading to bed, you roll around imagining all the different romantic scenarios and in a way write your own romance novel in your head, with you as the main heroine.


You Have High Expectations

It’s typical of every hopeless romantic to have high expectations for their romantic relationships. After all, after watching so many romantic movies with perfect main characters, the bar is set pretty high! So we have these unrealistic expectations of perfect dates, romantic surprises and signs of chivalry when most likely, none of that is going to happen.


You Believe in Soul Mates

I think the idea of soul mates is very hard to grasp. Soul mates are two people who are fated to be together and no matter the circumstances, they will always find a way to each other. They are each other’s one and only love! However as much as I would love to believe in this idea, I also believe in the ability to fall in love several times during a period of your lifespan.


You Believe Everyone Will Eventually Find Love

As a hopeless romantic, you have a very positive outlook on love. Even when your friends are struggling with their love lives, you believe that with time, everything will even itself out and they will all find someone they can experience love with. You never look down on love and always have faith!


You Love Valentine’s Day

What day would all hopeless romantics praise if it weren’t for Valentine’s Day? As someone who absolutely believes in the power of love, you can never pass on a day which celebrates all sorts of love! You enjoy spreading positive energy and give others hope by reassuring them that love does exist.

While many of us have given up on love and relationships due to bad experiences, some of us remain loyal believers of love even after a terrible heartbreak. Hopeless romantics never give up hope and you shouldn’t too! Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic? If so what fascinates you about love?

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I never ever ever considered myself a hopeless romantic😂 I guess I really am😁 I agreed with every one of the 7 statements💚

Everything but 8

I so m!!!! Except, i think V-DAY should be every week!

Definitely a hopeless romantic 💜

Everything but 7 ♥️

I agreed with mostly everything

maybe im not after all haha :)

I have some of these traits; especially #5 & #6.

def. hopeless romamtic :-D

Yes I think I can definitely fall into this category

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