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7 Clear Signs Your Boyfriend is Also Your Best Friend ...

By Alicia

There’re some clear signs your boyfriend is your best friend. It’s a good thing when he can be both. That shows just how lucky you are to have each other. Read on to see if there are any signs your boyfriend is your best friend, too.

1 He’s the First One You Want to Call

One of the signs your boyfriend is your best friend is if he’s the first one you want to call when you have good or bad news. When something major happens in your life, there’s no one you’d rather talk to than him. As much as you love your mom and your best girlfriend, there’s just no substitute for him. You want to share those moments with him before anyone else. This says a lot for how much he means to you.

2 You Love Hanging out Together

Another sign that your boyfriend is your best friend is if you love hanging out together. Yes, you love going on dates but it’s more than that. You’re perfectly happy just hanging out and catching up on your favorite shows on Netflix. You don’t have to have a special date night planned to enjoy your time together. You have fun no matter what you’re doing.

3 You Have Deep Discussions

If you and your boyfriend can talk about things other than the basic everyday stuff, that’s a sign he may be your best friend. Best friends have deep discussions about many things. They talk about their beliefs and opinions on various subjects. There’s really nothing they can’t talk about. If you and your boyfriend enjoy discussing all the topics of life, you may be best friends.

4 He’s Your First Choice

If your boyfriend is always your first choice of who to be with, it’s a sign you may be best friends. You’d rather be with him than anyone else in the world. It’s important to spend time with your girlfriends and you should never give them up. But when your heart tells you that your boyfriend is your number one choice, enjoy that sweetness. Enjoy knowing how much you love each other.

5 You Feel Close to Him

When you’re best friends, there’s just a closeness there. It can be felt more than it can be described. Some of it is a romantic closeness but it goes deeper than that. There’s just a deep bond between you. It can take a while to develop but you know it when it’s there.

6 You Share Secrets

When you’re best friends with someone, you share secrets together. You know things about each other that no one else does. There’s a level of vulnerability when you’re open with each other. It allows you to deepen your relationship even further. You have the best of both worlds when you have both romance and friendship.

7 You’re Completely Yourself

When you’re best friends with your boyfriend, you’re completely yourself around him. You don’t have to remember to act a certain way. You’re confident to just be the incredible person that you are. That’s a wonderful thing to have together. Your relationship is in a great place if you feel this way.

You don’t have to have every one of these traits to be best friends. Even seeing a couple of them in your relationship can mean you’re best friends. Which of these are true for your relationship?

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