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9 Signs Your Smartphone Could Be Ruining Your Relationships ...

By Crystal

Our phones have a become a necessity, but if you notice any signs your smartphone could be ruining your relationships, it's time for a break. Believe it or not, smartphones are damaging and even ending relationships. They take all of our attention away from what matters most. While some of the signs your smartphone could be ruining your relationships are obvious, most people never notice them.

1 You Only Connect through Your Phone

How often do you scroll through social media apps to connect with your friends? Liking, sharing and sending the occasional comment or text isn't the same as actually connecting with your friends. One of the biggest signs your smartphone could be ruining your relationships is if most of your socializing or connecting is done through your phone. There is a world outside the screen and your friends would love to have you back.

2 You Text Throughout Dinner

Nothing is more frustrating than meeting friends for dinner only to sit quietly while they text. Hanging out means socializing face to face, not saying hi and then chatting on your phone the rest of the evening. I personally avoid hanging out with those friends anymore. Odds are, some of your own friends are avoiding you too if your phone is more important than them.

3 You Miss Important Conversations

Whether you're playing a game, checking email or reading a fun blog post, you could be missing important conversations going on around you. Many relationships suffer because one party never pays attention when their friend or partner talks to them. Instead, they're busy with their smartphone. Don't let your smartphone overshadow real live human beings who care about you.

4 You Can't Handle Normal Interactions

Some people have grown so used to texting or chatting in apps that they no longer know how to handle normal interactions with people. Conversations become awkward and they tend to stand away from others when they're in groups. If you didn't used to be this way, the problem could be your smartphone. Trust me, your friends notice and to them, it feels like you're pushing them away.

5 You Need Your Phone

There was a time when no one needed to have a phone by their side 24/7. Instead, they spent quality time with friends and family. If you have a problem putting your phone down or turning it off for any real length of time, it's probably affecting your relationships as well. People don't react well when they realize they're second to a phone. While your phone might be important, you don't absolutely need it all the time.

6 You Become Detached

When you become too immersed in a virtual world, you tend to become more detached when living in the real world. You come off as callous, arrogant and disinterested. You might even take on a condescending tone when talking to them. None of this is good for your relationships. Friends quit wanting to talk to you because they don't think you care anymore.

7 Relationships End Quickly

While we might all go through phases where dates don't turn out so well, your smartphone could be to blame in some cases. If you notice relationships ending far too quickly, consider how you've acted. Were you constantly on your phone while you were with them? Did you demand instant responses to texts, emails or calls? Potential partners will leave once they see your phone is more important to you than them.

8 People Keep Repeating Themselves

How often do have to ask your friends or family to repeat themselves because you were on your phone? While it may seem annoying to you, imagine how they feel. The more you're asking people to repeat themselves, the more obvious it should be that you need to put down your phone. After all, you would've heard people the first time if you weren't immersed in apps.

9 You Notice Friends Hanging out without You

Have you ever checked Facebook only to find out all your friends are out without you? If you spend most of your time checking your phone while you're out with friends, they're probably going to stop inviting you along. They honestly don't think you want to spend time with them anymore. If you discover friends and family suddenly doing more things without you, you might want to curb the smartphone use.

It's fine to depend on your smartphone, but don't let it become your sole companion. Sadly, many people now feel more connected to their phones than the people around them. Has your smartphone ever ruined a relationship?

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