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7 Signs He is Interested in You for All the Wrong Reasons ...

By Corina

Because not all relationships are perfect, here are a few signs he is interested in you for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes, your boyfriend may not do this on purpose since he may not even be aware that he is using you. The best thing you can do is to protect yourself, so you won’t get hurt, because even if you think that your boyfriend really cares about you, he may have ulterior motives to date you. Here are a few signs he is interested in you for all the wrong reasons that you should consider:

1 You Are His Arm Candy

One of the most obvious signs he is interested in you for all the wrong reasons is the fact that he just wants you to be his arm candy. This type of guy doesn’t really care who he dates, as long as his friends think that his girlfriend is really attractive. There’s nothing wrong with your boyfriend wanting to show you off but make sure that he likes you for other reasons as well.

2 He Wants to Have Sex with You

There are some guys who just like to date girls only to have sex with them. Even though sex is a very important aspect in every relationship, make sure that your boyfriend wants to be with you for other reasons too. Nobody likes to be used, especially for sex, so wait a little bit before taking this important step in your relationship.


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3 He Wants to Make His Ex Jealous

Another reason that your boyfriend may be using you that you should watch out for is the fact that he only tries to make his ex jealous. If every time you two go out, you seem to bump into his ex or if you often go to places where him and his old love used to hang out, he may be using you to get back at his ex.

4 Your Connections

There are guys who date certain girls just because they have a lot of powerful friends and this way, they can make a lot of connections that could help them in their personal and professional life. Does your boyfriend prefer meeting you only when your friends are around or does he enjoy your romantic twosome dates as well?

5 Your Money

If you are a girl with a lot of money in her purse, try to watch out for gold diggers because there are a lot of guys who may be interested in you only for your money. Make sure that your boyfriend is not only dating you because you’re rich and avoid buying him gifts or taking him out on expensive dates, just to see if he is interested in you for all the right reasons.

6 You Are His Rebound

Has your boyfriend recently broken up with his ex? If your answer is yes, then try to make sure that your boyfriend is really serious about you and that he is not only using you to get over his ex. Is your boyfriend still obsessed with his ex or does he talk about her a lot? Just take things slowly and allow him to get to know you better, so he can fall in love with you.

7 Easy Pickings

Are you the one who asked your guy out? Even though there’s nothing wrong with taking the initiative and asking the guy you like out, make sure that he likes you as well and that he doesn’t date you because you are easy pickings. Make him work for your love, so he can desire and appreciate you more.

Relationships are never easy; they require a lot of work, commitment and patience in order to work. Have you ever dated someone for all the wrong reasons? Do you know any other signs that someone may be interested in you for all the wrong reasons? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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