7 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You ...


7 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You ...
7 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You ...

It is definitely not easy to figure out if a bashful boy likes you, but thankfully there are a few signs a shy guy likes you that you can look out for. Mostly, these signs have to do with nerves, but there are so many telltale signs that you may not have thought of on this list. You may just find that there were signs a shy guy likes you right in front of your eyes, and you never even noticed! If you think that a shy guy may like you, keep reading to find out for sure!

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Compare His Behavior

Watch his behavior around you versus his friends or other acquaintances. If it’s very obvious that he acts differently around you compared to his friends or just other people in general, he probably likes you and is still trying to figure out how to act around you! This is one of the most important signs a shy guy likes you to look for!


He Gets Nervous

There is one particular way that he may act different around you that can almost confirm any suspicions you may have. If he clams up whenever you’re around, can’t look you in the eye, or just generally seems uneasy, there’s a pretty good chance that he likes you! Guys don’t get nervous around girls for no reason!


He’s Constantly Popping up Everywhere

If you can’t seem to get away from him, he’s either stalking you or likes you and doesn’t know how to show it. If he’s stalking you, you have bigger problems on your hands, but if he simply likes you and doesn’t know how to show it, try talking to him the next time he randomly pops up!


He Loves Texting

Everyone has come across those guys who love to text at all hours of the day, yet when it comes time for face-to-face interaction, he acts like you don’t know each other at all! This is just another aspect of his nerves around you. If you’re feeling gutsy, call him out on it, but if not, just try to talk in person more and more as time progresses.


Watch His Friends

When you’re around him and his friends, watch their reactions. They may be subtle, but if they even slightly tease him about your presence, you can safely assume that he likes you. If his friends are bugging him about you, you can almost be sure that he has feelings for you!


Ask for a Favor

If you think he likes you but want to test your theory to be sure, ask him for a favor. No matter how big or small the favor is, if he jumps to help you out and is more than willing to be of assistance, he probably likes you. There are very few men out there who are excited to do someone a favor if they don’t like the girl they’re doing the favor for!


You Haven’t Talked to Him in a While

If you haven’t really had a real conversation since you first met, he may be too nervous to even talk to you! If you see him all of the time but can’t remember the last time you had a substantial conversation, it may just be a sign that he’s too shy or nervous to talk to you!

Do you think a shy guy likes you? Leave your story in the comments if you want more advice on being certain that he likes you!

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I work at CFA and he would always come in there just to see me but at first, he wouldn't talk to me and now, we hangout all the time & are together. #yayforshyguys

there was this guy who used to work really close to me in a shopping centre. Everytime he walked past he would look in and smile at me and even walk really slowly glancing around just to find me. When he would come into my work he acted so nervous and when I looked up at him he'd quickly look away. I added him on facebook and we chat every now and then. I've asked him out for coffee. He's said yes but then has cancelled at the last minute. This has happened twice. I'm kinda confused ahh!

There is this one guy. When we first met he would smile at me so now and then but never really talk to me... I remember he used to watch me ever so slightly as for me not to notice him, but oh yes I did. I noticed and I found him so mysterious but sweet at the same time. He became somehow my best friend during the whole summer. We could talk about anything and had so many jokes than only we knew. Gosh I fell for him, I did and I did really really hard. Sadly we stopped talking and I tried so hard to get him off my mind, without any progress. Man 2 years now and my heart still beats fast. Now, he looks at me so now and then but every time he turns his face the other way. It seems like we have the same schedule around school, every change of classes and lunch I see him, but I don't think he sees me. Oh my, he's so shy I've known him for a while now

I had this guy in my art class and he had all signs. The reason why he was shy because I'm deaf. He's confident around everyone except me. He got nervous when he sat next to me. He never talked to me. Everytime he see me, he fidgets his hair. Then one day, I talked to a class mate about him, I found out he has a girlfriend. Yeah, it stings because I fell hard for him. Well that's my story.

Love it

*Men=me .. Typo makes me sick

There's this guy in my Spanish class, and i sit right behind him and he's always turning his head left and right and i always catch him looking at me from the corner of his eyes and i am falling head over heels for the guy, and this has been going on for a week, and i honestly want him to make a move, but he seems shy and he acts different around his friends. Today he was sitting with his friend before class started and they were studying me somehow because i was helping some other boy and i think that he was jealous.

There are these 2 guys that confuse me they both act really shy around me and it doesnt make sense that their outgoing with every other person except me. One day there staring at me acting nervous then the next day their avoiding me. My friends catch them staring at me turning red and always smiling when im around but they mess around with other girls. They give me mixed signals. There friends ask if i like him and they tease them. My friends also heard conversations about things. But when i mess with guys they seem really upset. I just need to know if they like me because they confuse me more and more each day.

I met him at this thing for church in my parents communitee and he was their and we took care of the kids together. I didn't like him a lot when we first met but then I got to know him more and I couldn't stop smiling he's shy towards other people but when he talks to me he so flirtatious and sweet but the thing is is that I'm not actually sure if he likes me and my freinds say he does but I'm confused and the fact I'm not sure if in aloud to date ( really strict parents )

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