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7 Signs You're Falling Hard and Fast for Him ...

By Teresa

There are so many signs you’re falling for him. Whether you simply catch yourself singing love songs more often, or you're already planning your wedding, these signs you’re falling for him will help you figure out whether it’s time to slow down or speed up. Falling for a new guy is terrific and terrifying, and it can be hard to determine whether it’s puppy love or the real deal, but luckily, that is where this list comes in, just in case you need it!

1 You Daydream Often

You’re constantly finding yourself daydreaming about anything and everything revolving around him. Whether you’re thinking about twenty years from now, or just your first date, if you’re daydreaming about your guy already, this is one of many signs you're falling for him, and hard.

2 You’re Already Planning the Future

It’s normal to think about the possibility of a future with any guy you date; however, if you’re already picking out your wedding invitations and good china, you’re most likely falling hard and fast. Every girl has a Pinterest wedding board, but if you’re already planning your wedding to him, specifically, after a couple of dates, you’re doomed!

3 You Want to Meet Each Other’s Families

Meeting each other’s families is a sign of a big commitment, and usually a long time spent dating comes before that. If you’re already thinking about bringing your guy around on Thanksgiving, and vice versa, you two are definitely falling hard and fast for each other!

4 You’ve Never Acted like This before

Every girl has that moment after meeting a guy that she’s crazy about when she realizes she’s just that — crazy. Whether you act like a giggly schoolgirl or you turn into an actually crazy and jealous person, if you find yourself acting like someone you’ve never been over him, you’re falling hard and fast.

5 You Can’t Stop Thinking about Them

When your new guy starts taking over your every thought, you may have an issue on your hands. Yes, it’s a sign that you’re falling hard and fast, but at the same time, it may be a sign to relax. A healthy relationship requires space, and no matter how hard and fast you’ve fallen, you want a healthy relationship, right?

6 You’re Obsessed with Each Other

Recently, I overheard a girl I know complaining about her roommate and her boyfriend. They were in a long distance relationship, and they were obsessed with each other. They’d only been dating for a couple of months, but she said it felt like they had been dating for a couple of years. They were so obsessed with each other that they were constantly on Skype together, as though they were much more serious than they actually were. These days, when I think of a new couple obsessed with each other, I think of this couple that I’ve never even met. Sure, new couples are obsessed with each other, but when you take that to another level, you’re falling hard and fast.

7 You Don’t Care

Falling in love makes you act crazy, jealous, ridiculous, and everything in between. However, you don’t care. You don’t care if everyone’s telling you to slow down, and that is a sign that you’re falling hard.

What are your signs that you’re falling hard and fast for a guy? Let me know in the comments!

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