8 Signs You Are a Serial Dater ...


8 Signs You Are a Serial Dater ...
8 Signs You Are a Serial Dater ...

This post was actually inspired by one of our male readers, who was looking for signs of a serial dater. He said that a lot of women that he met are serial daters, especially in New York, and that got me thinking: what exactly are the biggest signs of a serial dater? Do you know if you are a serial dater? Do you think you might be? Well, I've compiled a list of all of the ways that you can tell that you are a serial dater – this goes for you guys too, not just us girls!

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You Love the Dating Game

The dating game. We all love it in the beginning, but there are tons of signs of a serial dater that all revolve around the dating game. If you are constantly dating, constantly lining up date after date, every night of the week, do you think you are loving it a little too much? That's something to think about!


Something Casual

A serial dater isn't someone that wants something serious. I'm not saying that you can't date casually, that is something that works for some people, but if you never, ever want something serious and can't even see yourself settling down ever, that could be one of the signs that you are a serial dater!


Just Interested in Money

Are your interests focused just around money and how much money that they spend on you? This is another sign that you could be a serial dater. It shouldn't matter what type of date you go on or how expensive or inexpensive it is, it should be all about the connection and really finding someone!


You Think of the Next Date as a Free Dinner Only

You have no idea how many times at work I've heard,"Well, it's just a free dinner." That is not the way to look at a date. If you are looking at a date like that, you are a serial dater and only in it for the money -- or dinners in this case! It's about the connection, it's about finding someone worth it, it's about love, or at least making a friend.


You Don't Try to Make a Connection

Let's say you go on one of these dates, do you even try to make a connection? Do you even put yourself out there at all? Do you even ask any questions or try to get to know the other person's likes and dislikes? These are all signs that could point to you being a serial dater!


You'll Accept Any Date, Regardless of the Connection

What about the quality of the date over the quantity? If you're welling to accept any date, any time, it could be one of the signs that you are a serial dater. You want a connection, you don't just want to take a date for what it is: free food or drink with someone you might like – or might not like.


You Don't Make the Effort to Get to Know the Person

When you are on dates, do you ask any questions or put any thought into the conversation? Do you even consider what the other person has been through or even where they are going? These are things to think about if you are debating whether or not you are a serial dater.


You Are Constantly Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now

Finally, this one can vary, because a lot of daters out there aren't necessarily serial daters and just looking for a free meal, instead, they are actually looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. If you are constantly looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now? Someone who could pay for dinner and drinks all night? That's a serial dater.

So, now that you know all of the signs you are a serial dater, are you one? Did you know what a serial dater was before reading this? Gimme some comments below!

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Another one could be, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you relate to Taylor swift?

Those looking for their life's partner have to date many before we find "THE ONE"... Men may call it serial but i feel it's an interview type process... I compare interests and jump topics to get a feel for him and if he may be a prospect to spend more time with... Finding the "fit" and great chemistry on all or many levels is down right tough today... Let alone in your older years when you know what you want, what you will tolerate and definitely do not want in your partner! PCOS Lady

Or you could write songs about everyone you've ever dated and.. laugh all the way to the bank. Lol

Oh, and when I first saw this post, I though it was going to say "8 signs that you are a serial killer." My b?

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