7 Awesome Ways to Win over His Friends ...

By Kelly

In new relationships, it can be hard to figure out the ways to win over his friends. Do you joke with them, or shy away until they open up to you? Although you should place your focus on building your relationship with your man, it is important that his friends at least like you. They unfortunately have a pretty big say in whether your relationship will stand the test of time. So make sure they are on your side with these ways to win over his friends.

1 Get into the Game

Get into the Game Grabbing your boyfriends friends, cracking open a beer and turning on the game is one of the easiest ways to win over his friends. Most guys are under the impression that all girls care about is shoes and shopping, so show them how wrong they are. You can get into the game and cheer on your team just as much as any guy. They will appreciate that you can chill with them and respect that you are not the typical whiney girly girl who knows nothing about sports.

2 Bake Some Treats

Bake Some Treats While they love a sporty girl, it is also a good idea to butter up your guy’s friends with some yummy treats. Next time you go over to see your boyfriend, bring over some cookies or brownies. His friends will definitely notice the effort you are putting into treating both your boyfriend and all of his guys with some TLC.

3 Don’t Diss

Don’t Diss The last thing your boyfriend’s friends want is some girl hanging around ragging on them all day. They don’t want you to be a bitch to them. They want someone who is nice and pleasant to be around. If you are constantly making rude comments and making fun of them, you can bet you won’t be hanging out with them for much longer.

4 But Hold Your Own

But Hold Your Own That being said, it is okay to be playful with them. If they are joking around with you, joke back. Guys are impressed by a girl who can hold her own and act like one of the guys. Stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to return what the guys are dishing out.

5 Don’t Overstep Boundaries

Don’t Overstep Boundaries If you just recently started dating a guy, don’t expect to be best buds with his friends straight off. It takes some time for a group of guys to accept someone new, especially when they are taking up their best friend's time. Don’t just barge in and expect them to accept you right off the bat. Be patient and take baby steps with them to earn a spot in their group.

6 Bottoms up

Bottoms up Similar to how guys think that girls can’t watch sports, they think that girls can’t hold their liquor. Show them they're wrong by holding your own at the bars. Buy the guys a round of whiskey and show the gang that you can drink like one of the boys without crying or throwing up all night. And If you happen to not have the highest tolerance, admit it rather then attempt to hold your own. They would rather see you sipping on a beer than be forced to hold you hair back because you tried to keep up.

7 Give Them Guy Time

Give Them Guy Time At the end of the day, one of the best ways to win over his friends is to still let them be friends. Give them their guys' poker night and don’t be clingy. Let them hang out without invading their guy space. They will respect that you can let them have guy time and are comfortable with your guy enough to give him space.

It can be hard to navigate the territory of your guy’s friends. Each group is different but for the most part, these tips will help you win them over in no time. The overall key to winning over your guys’ friends is to just be nice and friendly. If you make your guy happy, they will appreciate you and accept you.

What did you think of these ways to win over your guy’s friends? What are some other ways to win over his friends? Do you have any stories of you trying to win over his friends?

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