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7 Ways to Get Your Guy to Care about Your Feelings ...

By Alicia

If you are looking for ways to get your guy to care about your feelings, then I can help you out. My husband and I have been blissfully married for a decade now and I am happy to say he is very caring about my feelings. Part of that is just that he is a wonderful person and part of it is that I have learned the best ways to communicate my feelings to him in a way that he can hear. When you learn this, you have numerable ways to get your guy to care about your feelings much more than he did before.

1 State Your Feelings Simply

One of the best ways to get your guy to care about your feelings is to state them simply. If you throw a thousand different things at him, he is not going to be able to decipher all of that to find your hurt feelings. It is better to tell him how you feel and why you feel that way straight out. He will appreciate not being expected to wade through miles of emotional fluff to find the problem. Many times, a man will apologize immediately if you tell him he has done something to hurt you.

2 Speak in a Soft Tone

I can pretty much guarantee you that speaking in an angry, argumentative tone is not going to make your guy care about your feelings. If anything, it may make him completely shut down or take part in another behavior to avoid you. Nobody likes to be attacked with anger, do they? While we all get angry, speaking in that tone to your guy is not going to enrich your relationship. Speak in a softer tone and I am sure he will listen to you and care about your feelings much more.


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3 Leave Sarcasm out of It

I can tell you from personal experience that you need to leave sarcasm out of any discussion where you are trying to express your feelings to your guy. Sarcasm is not going to make him care about your feelings more. If anything, it will make him care about them less. I know it is tempting to use sarcasm. I know this because sarcasm comes quite easily to me but I am telling you, it will get you nowhere.

4 Express Hurt, Not Anger

Maybe your guy was supposed to take you out for dinner but he got hung up helping work on a car at his best friend’s garage. Let’s just say that is the scenario. If you express your anger, you are not going to get as far as if you express that you are hurt. We all get angry; I certainly get that. But if you do feel angry, it is still better to try to express the hurt feelings that accompanied that anger.

5 Let Him Think about It

Sometimes, a guy just needs some time to think about what you have said to him. Men are usually not as good at dealing with feelings as we are. It is just one of the many differences between men and women. If your guy seems to want to think about what you have said to him rather than finish the discussion right away, accept that. If you do, he will more than likely come back to you caring much more about your feelings.

6 Don’t Drop It

If something has really hurt my feelings or affected me in some way, I will not be put off about it. My husband may need to have some time to process and I can totally accept that, but I will insist that we deal with it after he has had some time to think about the issue. When you let a guy know that your feelings are important to you, they will become important to him. If he seems to want to brush your feelings under the rug then you need to give him the message that you are still upset over whatever the issue is.

7 Be Forgiving with Each Other

Of all these pieces of advice, being forgiving with one another is the most important one. If you are not forgiving with your guy and you won’t ask for forgiveness when you are wrong then you cannot expect him to care about your feelings. Having a harsh and unforgiving attitude will not get you far with getting a guy to care about your feelings. It is better if you can both be quick to forgive and ask for forgiveness when you are wrong. Holding onto a grudge can destroy your relationship.

These little tips will hopefully bring you and your guy closer and help you be able to have him care more about your feelings. What do you think, ladies? Will any of these pieces of advice work for you?

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