17 Sexual "Would You Rather" Questions for Couples ...


17 Sexual "Would You Rather" Questions for Couples ...
17 Sexual "Would You Rather" Questions for Couples ...

If you're lounging around with your boyfriend and can't find anything worth watching on Netflix, then you should play a game instead. You don't even have to think up the questions yourself, because they're all right here for you. Without further adieu, here are a few sexual "would you rather" questions for couples:

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Would You Rather Have Sex for Five Minutes or Five Hours?

black,white,black and white,image,photography, The sweet spot is somewhere in between, so it'll be interesting to see his answer.


Would You Rather Go down on Me or Have Me Go down on You?

human action,person,black and white,black,kiss, This will let you know if he enjoys giving or receiving more.


It's an intimate question that reveals preferences in the bedroom and can ignite a deeper conversation about desires and expectations. Whether he gets more pleasure from giving you that kind of attention or would rather be on the receiving end, it's a intriguing point of discussion that can lead to a better understanding of each other's pleasure points and how to create a mutually satisfying experience. It's all about finding that balance of give and take that works for both of you!

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Would You Rather Have Your Roommate Catch Us Having Sex or Your Dog?

human action,black,black and white,person,nose, Some people are very protective over their pets.

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Would You Rather Touch My Boobs or My Butt?

black and white,person,muscle,mouth,monochrome photography, This will show you which body part he likes the best.


This question can be both playful and telling. By giving your partner the choice between two intimate options, you're engaging in a lighthearted yet revealing game. It is a fun way to explore preferences and desires, and the response can spark a discussion about attraction or lead to some flirtatious teasing. Whatever their choice, it’s a chance to connect on a sensual level and may even become a segue into more personal and intimate exploration. Remember, games like these are all about enjoyment and discovery within your relationship.

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Would You Rather Have Sex on the Beach or on the Grass?

human action,person,black,black and white,kiss, If you agree with his answer, then you can even give it a try.

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Would You Rather Kiss Me in the Rain or in the Shower?

human action,person,black and white,kiss,man, Both would include a whole lot of water.

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Would You Rather Have Me Kiss Your Chest or Your Neck?

white,black and white,photograph,photography,monochrome photography, Keep this information stored in the back of your brain for future use. It will certainly come in handy.

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Would You Rather Give Me Control or Take Control Yourself?

white,black and white,person,photography,man, Some men like to take the reins, but other men like it when their partner does all the dirty work. See which category your man falls under.

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Would You Rather Have Sex in the Kitchen or Living Room?

black, white, black and white, person, photography, After he answers, test out the spot. The couch is just as comfy as your bed is, and the kitchen counter might be more fun than anything you've ever tried.

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Would You Rather Watch Porn with Me or Film Porn with Me?

black, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, He might be dying to break out the video camera. Or maybe he's too shy to be shown on film.

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Would You Rather Sext Me or Dirty Talk out Loud?

black, white, black and white, human positions, person, Some people are more comfortable saying sexy things through the phone. Other people love to hear those sexy words said aloud.

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Would You Rather Be on Top or Have Me on Top?

black,black and white,person,human positions,photography, This is important information for a girlfriend to know about her boyfriend. It'll help you become the best sex that he's ever had.

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Would You Rather See Me Shirtless or Pantless?

black,white,black and white,photography,monochrome photography, Maybe he'd rather see your boobs. Maybe he'd rather see those sexy legs and what's attached to them.

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Would You Rather Have Sex in My Bed or Your Bed?

black,black and white,photograph,photography,monochrome photography, One place must be more comfy than the other.

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Would You Rather Watch Me Shower or Masturbate?

human action,person,black and white,face,nose, Both activities are super sexy, at least in his eyes.

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Would You Rather Have a Threesome or Try Anal?

black,human action,black and white,white,person, These are both pretty intense things to do, especially if you're used to having vanilla sex.

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Would You Rather See Me Naked or in Lingerie?

white,photograph,bride,black and white,woman, Some men like seeing their partners completely naked. Others like it when something is left to the imagination.

Now you two will be able to keep occupied for hours. What other sexual "would you rather" questions can you come up with?

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I'll ask these all to my hubby and see his answer

Is it just regular sex?



#1 cinq heures

No. You use vanilla ice cream.

↑ yup, except with pistachios that don’t seem like they belong...

I feel like the questions r kinda of newbie questions... I mean I know the answers to almost all those but I've been with my guy for 8 years. I need some good naughty questions lol.

These are great questions to ask

Wl do 69

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