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17 Tips for Masturbation when You're Home Alone ...

By Holly

Don't be embarrassed about touching yourself. It's healthy for you. Climaxing boosts your immune system, gets rid of your headaches, and reduces your cramps. So don't hesitate to try it! Here are a few masturbation tips for when you're home alone:

1 Use a Vibrator

Use a Vibrator They're not as loud as you think they are and they're way more pleasurable than you think they are. You'll experience sensations that you've never felt before.

2 Switch the Direction up

Switch the Direction up It doesn't matter if you're using a vibrator or using your hands. Either way, switch up the motion. Variation is key.

3 Watch Porn

Watch Porn Men aren't the only ones allowed to watch adult videos. You can, too. Just delete your browser history once you're all finished up.

4 Read an Erotic Novel

Read an Erotic Novel Most women find that novels turn them on more than videos do. That's why you should try reading an erotic story while you're under the covers.

5 Touch Your Nipples

Touch Your Nipples You don't have to stick to touching the area below the belt. There are other spots of your body that need attention, too.

6 Turn on Music

Turn on Music This will set the mood. The sound will also drown out your moans if anyone else is home.

7 Lock the Door

Lock the Door You never know when someone will try to get your attention. Make sure you're in a room with a door that locks, so you have complete privacy.

8 Get under the Covers

Get under the Covers If you feel too exposed whenever you touch yourself, do it while you're underneath the covers. It'll give you a little extra privacy.

9 Fantasize

Fantasize Instead of looking at pictures or reading an erotic novel, you can close your eyes and fantasize about something sexy. This technique works wonders.

10 Don’t Use Cucumbers

Don’t Use Cucumbers Don't use household objects to masturbate, because you could end up hurting yourself or giving yourself a yeast infection. Order a toy from the internet, instead.

11 Don’t Hurt Yourself

Don’t Hurt Yourself This should go without being said, but masturbation isn't supposed to hurt. If you feel uncomfortable, stop what you're doing.

12 Don’t Feel Guilty about It

Don’t Feel Guilty about It There's nothing wrong with touching yourself. Don't feel guilty about it, even if you're already in a relationship.

13 Get in the Mood before You Touch Yourself

Get in the Mood before You Touch Yourself You won't have to masturbate for as long if you're already turned on before you get going.

14 Sext Your Boyfriend

Sext Your Boyfriend This will help turn you on. After all, your boyfriend knows your body just as well as you do.

15 Touch Your Clit

Touch Your Clit This is probably going to give you the best sensation. Keep rubbing until something happens.

16 Find Your G-spot

Find Your G-spot "To get a sense of where your G spot may be, place one hand over your bladder just above the bone. With the other hand, use 2 fingers and insert them touching the top of your vagina. The area that is the most sensitive where you press between the two hands is the typical area of the G spot."

17 Be Adventurous

Be Adventurous You don't have to do the same thing every time you masturbate. Switch things up a bit, so you're never bored.

Now you'll be able to get the most out of your alone time. What other tips do you have to share?

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