The Definite Pros of Masturbation That Ladies Won't Talk about ...

By Lyndsie

The Definite Pros of Masturbation That Ladies Won't Talk about ...

We're gonna talk about masturbation for a while – female masturbation, I mean. If you're not comfortable with the subject or the act, you're not gonna have a good time, so you might want to move on to a different post. See, women masturbate. All of us should, but not all of us do. That's mainly because there's still such a stigma surrounding the topic – and the act. That's why so many people find it uncomfortable. There's no right or wrong way to masturbate, really – you might focus on your clitoris or you might like penetrative play, you might like to use toys or you might prefer digital masturbation, who knows? Just you! And just as there are all sorts of ways to bring yourself to orgasm, there are all sorts of reasons you should do it more often – or maybe try it for the first time.

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You'll Feel Better

You'll Feel Better No lie. It's that simple. You'll just feel better. Don't you feel fantastic when you have an orgasm with your partner? Aren't you flooded with all kinds of feel-good hormones? It's no different when you go the DIY route. When you orgasm, your body releases oxytocin and dopamine, endorphins that make you feel phenomenal. You get a natural high. Who can resist that?


You Discover What You like

You Discover What You like Every woman is different. Every woman likes different things, has different fantasies, possesses different hotspots, if you will. You have a particular stroke you like, a particular level of pressure, and you'll learn what works best for you when you practice on yourself. That means you can also share what you learn with your partner, which can make your sex life so much more amazing.


It Can Ease Your Cramps

It Can Ease Your Cramps Many women suffer from horrendous cramps during PMS and the first days of their periods. Masturbating can alleviate some of that pain, not to mention headaches, body aches, and similar problems. For some kinds of pain, masturbation helps because of all those endorphins. With your period, in particular, masturbating also leads to uterine contractions, which makes the blood come faster.


You'll Get More in Touch with Your Body

You'll Get More in Touch with Your Body We all have imperfections. Everyone has something they dislike about their own body. Some of us have major, deep-seated issues. The thing is, it's hard to hate your body when you're actively loving it and when it's giving you pleasure. When you masturbate, you're so in tune with yourself, you may find it easier to not just feel comfortable in your skin but to actually, deeply adore it.


It May Lead to Multiple Orgasms

It May Lead to Multiple Orgasms Practice makes perfect, after all. As you learn what you like and what makes you climax, you may also discover how to experience multiple orgasms. For instance, you might find out that a mix of vaginal and clitoral orgasms work best for you.

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It's a Great Way to Relax

It's a Great Way to Relax Oh, yeah. When you're stressed out, tensed up, and ready to scream at the top of your lungs, a little time with yourself can be just the thing you need – even if it's a quickie. Then again, you can also arrange a long bath, lots of candles, and whatever stimulation you like. You need a release sometimes, however, and it beats a lot of other anger outlets.


You'll Glow

You'll Glow That may seem trite, but listen – masturbate more often and you'll experience less stress, you'll be naturally high, you'll sleep better, and you'll have the joy of experiencing an orgasm. Of course, you'll glow. You'll feel beautiful, sensual, sexual, and fulfilled.


It Relieves Allergies

black, face, white, black and white, monochrome photography, This one sounds sketchy but seriously, it's scientifically proven! A stuffy nose is caused by swollen and inflamed blood vessels, when you masturbate, the body constricts blood vessels elsewhere in the body which soothes the ones in your nose allowing you to breathe easier.


You'll Gain Self ConfiDEnce

facial expression, black, face, black and white, white, Another awesome reason to masturbate is because it makes you feel good about yourself. Not just because it releases feel good hormones, but because you'll actually gain self confidence. Women who masturbate are much more likely to have higher self esteem than those who don't. Now next time you need a confidence boost you can just touch yourself!


It Keeps You Healthy

hair, blond, person, girl, mouth, As if the other reasons weren't enough, masturbation is proven to boost your immune system, increase your pain threshold by as much as 75%, prevents diabetes, wards off UTI's and cervical cancer, and much more!

Given all of that, don't you think you should masturbate any old time you want to? I mean, only when it's appropriate, of course. Don't do it at your desk or in the middle of class or something.


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If you are afraid of the blood during your period, just massage your clit. When I lay in bed and can't sleep due to cramps I'll either use a vibrator or my fingers to massage my clit till orgasm. It truly does help. Especially when stress is added

Agreed! Helps so much when you have those sleepless night! When I can't sleep I massage my clit and I feel so much better and probably knock out within 5 minutes!!!

Most def

Yezzzz, all is true. I make myself have a orgasm at least 1 a day, sometimes 2 times a day, Great way to release!! I love this post.

So. True!!!

I like this article. It is really true. But, i am a little skeptical for the masturbation during the period...