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10 Naughty Sex Games You Really Should Try ...

By Sici

Here’s the thing. Sex is fun, sex is super fun, and it can be even more fun than usual when you decide not to take things so sensual and serious all the time! There is definitely a time and place for mature, loving, sensible lovemaking, but when you are looking to have a little more fun in the bedroom, there is nothing better than playing a good old-fashioned sex game! To help you get some inspiration, here are ten fun and naughty sex games that you really should try out!

1 Tear It up

Have you ever wanted to experience some bodice-ripping type passion? Easy, buy a couple of cheap and low-quality tank tops that you don’t mind damaging, and proceed to let your partner rip it up to his heart’s content! Do it in reverse too.

2 Strip Scrabble

You’ve heard of strip poker, but why not try some strip scrabble instead? Every time your partner wins a round, you have to remove an item of clothing. And vice versa, because fair is fair. Bonus points if you can come up with any dirty words!

3 Position Challenge

Break out of your comfort zone and try the position challenge. How many positions can you get through in one session before it all starts to feel too good?

4 Do as I Say

Rather than doing what Simon says, turn your man into your own personal sex slave for one single session. He’s not allowed to refuse any of your requests for a set period of time, and then you can reverse the roles!

5 Sexy Cards

Play a card game of your choice, but add sexy meanings to each suit. Hearts mean kissing, diamonds mean massage, clubs mean hand stuff, and spades mean mouth stuff!

6 Seven Minutes in Heaven

Take things back to your teenage years and have a go at seven minutes in heaven. Think about just how much more raunchy it can be now that you are adult and experienced! All you need to do is set a timer for 7 minutes and sneak off to do the dirty. It’s fast, furious, and very naughty and only allowed until the timer runs out.

7 Marco Polo

If you ever get the chance to be alone with your boo in a pool, then get totally naked and play a sexy version of the classic direction game. Once you catch him, let the fun commence! And if you can’t get naked, pull your swimsuit aside and let him in. If you dare!

8 Orgasm Race

Sometimes sex is the most fun when you are fighting against the clock! Take turns to see who can make the other person reach climax the quickest. It’s never a game that somebody hates to lose!

9 Mystery Toy

Toys can add a lot of fun and excitement, especially if you don’t know which one is being used! Take turns blindfolding one another and using an array of different toys. The vulnerability of not knowing exactly what is going in can be a real turn on!

10 XXX Marks the Spot

Think of a part of your body you want to be kissed. Don’t tell him and ask him to kiss you on every part of your body until he hits the spot you were thinking of. Of course, this is open to cheating if you never tell him which is the spot you were thinking of in the first place. He just has to keep kissing you.

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