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10 Crazy Sex Positions You Have to Try ...

By Sici

When it comes to sex, I think we can all agree that there are a handful of positions that could be described as traditional ‘go-tos’. I’m talking missionary, cowgirl, doggy style, an occasional 69, nothing too crazy ... but positions that are tried and tested and that you mostly feel comfortable doing with your partner. However, what about when you are feeling extra frisky and you want to try your hand (and other body parts!) at something a little different? We’ve got some suggestions for you! Here are ten super fun and crazy sex positions that you absolutely have to try!

1 X Position

You might also know this one as the criss-cross. This is a position that takes some time to perfect and encourages a slow, intimate style of lovemaking. Lie on your back with your partner facing you sitting up, have your legs intertwining and crossing over and you can help him to go deeper by holding and pulling his arms as he thrusts.

2 Butter Churner

The butter churner is when you lay on your back and hoist your lower and upper body into the air, and your partner comes down on top of you to meet you in a standing position so that he can grind and churn that butter baby!

3 Pretzel

The pretzel is when you have your partner penetrate you and then you interlock your legs in a variety of different directions to form almost the signature shape of the pretzel. It makes for powerful and deep thrusts.

4 Spider

This position kind of resembles both of you doing a crab walk stance, but with all important penetration added to the mix so that you can achieve maximum pleasure as your bodies rock back and forth!

5 Spork

Sporking is the sexual cousin of spooning, where you adopt pretty much the same position but do much more than just cuddling! It can be a really erotic and intimate way to do it.

6 Snow Angel

This is basically the missionary position, but instead, your guy being on top of you and facing in the same direction, he is on top of you and twisted all the way around! Once you are aligned you can grab his butt to help manoeuvre thrusting.

7 Standing Wheelbarrow

This brings a whole new meaning to the wheelbarrow race on the school playground! You adopt the same position as your childhood playing, but this time around your partner grabs your legs and thrusts away!

8 Swiss Ball Blitz

If you have an exercise ball lying around, then take advantage of its bouncy nature and have go at some advanced reverse cowgirl, all whilst balancing on it!

9 Waterfall

Have you guy lay on the edge of the bed with his upper body and head going towards the ground and then ride him to your heart’s content. He will get an insane rush of blood!

10 Table Top

Not so much a position as a location, but make the effort to bring things out of the bedroom and get down and dirty on a tabletop surface. It’s add a hint of naughtiness to proceedings!

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