7 Conversation Starters to Use with a Guy You're Crushing on ...


Striking up the courage to talk to a guy you’re crushing on can be nerve-wracking, and searching for the perfect conversation starters can be equally as frightening. However, there are extreme upsides to taking the lead in flirting with a guy. By starting the conversation, you’re showing initiative and proving your confidence. So go ahead, take a look at this list of conversation starters and try putting some of them to the test!

1. Proudest Moment

A friend of mine suggested that one of the most interesting conversation starters is to ask a guy what his proudest moment is. This can open up the doorway to several new topics, and will definitely teach you a lot about who you’re talking to.

Funniest Moment


That's the first time I talked I ben
Well what worked for me I said hi to Ben the I asked him how is day was going ? He told me good and he asks me I said its good
Amina Abdul
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@carmen, I would suggest asking him a question about an upcoming assignment (ex: I didn't catch when the teacher said that paper's due...any idea?). If you're nervous about approaching him in person, ...
umm wht if the guy u like sits across the room!! and tje only time for talking is when ur getting to class or at the end of class ??!? I like him but dont know wht to do?!
The image post is cute lol
My fanboy friend and I used to talk about fandoms and things we liked; good times Or you could get to know, you know, the deep stuff. Like "what's your favorite color?" -Catching Fire, Peeta
@Emily Logan hey babe just sayin I like girls;)
@Kymie hey gurl do u enjoy baths coz I do
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