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There are cute couple poses that you should try out the next time you're lounging around with your partner. It's fun to snap photos, even if they come out looking less than perfect. But of course, you really do want them to look amazing, even if you're taking them at the spur of the moment. In order to get some beautiful shots, here are some cute couple poses that you should try out:

1. Pretend Prom

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Whether you've been out of high school for years or haven't stepped foot in one yet, you can still take a picture in the traditional prom pose. All you have to do is face the same direction, and have him lean his hands on your hips. It's one of the cute couple poses that'll look adorable in a photo. If you don't believe it, try it to see for yourself.

Better behind


@Hayley, as a photographer i agree you could also use a remote shutter alot of compact's support them now but it is quite tricky to conceal one in a hand but they are getting really small now i did nu...
Alyssa Hobbs
One that would be cute (saw this on Instagram and kind of hated/ loved it bc I liked the guy but it was so cute) was them laying down on a playground on their stomachs and it was so cute but I almost cried. Okay. I did.
I love you
Vitri Handayanii
i'm going to try it with my boyfriend. Thank you for the tips! Xx
These are so cute :)
Yup. Time to find a boyfriend.. Hahah
These are so sweet.
These are great! My girl and I will have to try these!:)
Yaaaay something to try with my boyfriend.....oh wait I don't have one 😂😂😂😂
The pictures on this don't really match the pose
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