7 Intimate Date Ideas That Will Help You Bond as a Couple ...


7 Intimate Date Ideas That Will Help You Bond as a Couple ...
7 Intimate Date Ideas That Will Help You Bond as a Couple ...

When you're out with your partner, you want to feel like you're actually bonding and not just floating along, which is why you should try out these intimate date ideas. They'll give you time to really talk to each other, and get to know each other in new ways. No matter how long you've been with your partner, you can still learn new things about them. You never know what you'll discover when you try out these intimate date ideas:

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Camping Cuties

Camping will help you two bond in a way that you never have before. Even if you're used to sleeping under the same covers, you'll see a new side of him when he's met with bugs, dirt, and a lack of electricity. Will he be able to start a fire with sticks or did he bring a lighter? Will he squash the fly that won't leave your tent or whine about it? This is one of the intimate date ideas that will help you get to know your partner much better than you already do.


Rent a Rowboat

Hop into a rowboat with your honey and some snacks. You'll have fun trying to navigate the boat by using teamwork, and once you're in the middle of the water, you'll be secluded. It'll be a great way to bond, because no one will be there to bother you.


Photo Booth Babes

You can always snap selfies with your cell phone, but it's more fun to sit in a photo booth. Once you find one, you'll get to cozy up to your partner and make cute faces at the screen. You only get a certain number of shots, so make them count.


Set up a Surprise Date

Plan out a special date, but don't let your partner know the details. If you pick out all the right places and activities, it'll prove how well you know them. It's a great way to show your love, and to bond.


Find a Fortune Teller

If you believe that some people are capable of predicting the future, then you'll find the trip interesting. If you think it's all fake, you'll still have fun, because you can tease each other about the fortune teller's prediction. It's not a typical date idea, which is what makes it so exciting. You'll never forget it.


Drive through Dates

You don't want to have this type of date all the time, because fast food isn't very healthy. However, once in a while, you should head to the drive through to get burgers, and then sit in the parking lot to eat them. You'll be alone together in the car, listening to music, and enjoying each other's company. Since you're not inside of the building, no one can interrupt. You're the only two people around.


Hold Hands in a Haunted House

You won't be able to talk while you're walking through a haunted house, because you'll be too busy screaming, but you'll be close physically. You can hold hands as you see spooky creatures and feel protected by each other. Once the night is over, you can talk about it, and thank them for making you feel like you were safe.

Try out one (or all) of these date ideas to feel closer to your partner. It's amazing how much one day could change your relationship. Have you ever been on a date like any of these? How did it go?

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Watch horror movie.

I really want to go camping with my man sometime, so romantic ☺️ ahh haha 😅

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