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As the nights draw in and it's getting a little colder outside, I would like to share some of the super cute ways to spend an evening with your boyfriend. Sometimes when we're in a relationship, we can find ourselves stuck in a rut and we can soon find that we're doing the same thing together every weekend. So whether you have been together for ten months or ten years, these ways to spend an evening with your boyfriend may help to add some variety to the time you spend together.

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Movie Nights

This is one of the most obvious ways to spend an evening with your boyfriend but it is still one of the best and most romantic ways. Provided you don't do this every weekend, it can be a great way to spend some quality time together by snuggling up on the sofa. Grab some movies and your favorite snacks and have a movie marathon. Sounds like bliss to me!


Get Active

No, I'm not talking about that kind of 'active'. Another great way to spend the evening together is to get involved in some sports or activities together. How about indoor rock climbing or a game of tennis? Ice skating and roller skating are fun too and will no doubt result in a lot of laughter as you find yourself falling onto the ice (or into his arms!) This is also a great way to work up an appetite and burn a few calories in the process.


Under the Stars

How about spending the evening under the stars together? It might be a little colder outside but this is so romantic. How about camping under the stars, a moonlit walk or just grabbing a blanket and lying on the garden lawn looking up at the sky? Remember, the best things in life are free!


Make Some Sushi

Making sushi can be lots of fun and you obviously get to eat the fruits of your labour together. Just buy a sushi making kit and the ingredients and have a fun time making your sushi rolls together. If you don't like sushi, then you could always bake a cake, cookies or candy and enjoy them while you're indulging in a movie marathon.


Play Games

How about playing some games together? This is another great way to spend the evening. There are so many different games you could play. Card games and board games are always fun. Twister is great too and will inevitably lead to those compromising positions and lots of laughter. We all saw how it ended with Carrie and Seth in Sex and the City! Chess and Scrabble can be super romantic by candle light too.


Get Crafty

How about getting crafty together and making some gorgeous gifts for Christmas? You could make soaps or candles and if you have a pottery wheel handy you could always try and reenact the scene from Ghost!


Make Vision Boards

How about making a vision board? It's a creative way of visualizing and manifesting what you want from life. Vision boards can really help you to focus on your goals and dreams. Just grab some old magazines and think about what you both want in your lives and where you want to be.

These are just a few cute ways to spend an evening with your boyfriend. Do you have any other ideas?

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Bla bla. Bla

I'd enjoy doing this with Lorenzo 😩

My boyfriend went overseas last week but we had fun watching some shows while snuggling up, haven't done that for a while but it was very nice ^_^

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