7 Things You Should Feel after a Fabulous First Date ...


Don’t you love the wonderful feelings you have after a fabulous first date? We’re going to dive into them a little deeper. Of course, you don’t have to have every single one of them. Everyone will be a little different in the feelings they have after a fabulous first date.

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If you had a fabulous first date then you’re going to feel happy. If you return home in a bad mood, the date obviously wasn’t fabulous. If you truly don’t feel happy, don’t try to talk yourself into feeling that way. You should never have to force it. A fabulous first date will leave you feeling many wonderful emotions that can be summed up by saying that you’re happy.



It was a fabulous first date if you return home excited. You may feel excited over how wonderful the evening was and what the future could hold. You may want to call one of your best friends to share all of the details. Having girl-talk about first dates is one of the things friendships are made of. Friends let you share your excitement and are excited for you.


After a fabulous first date, it is natural to feel excited about the potential of a new relationship. This feeling of excitement can be amplified when sharing the details with close friends, who can offer support and encouragement. According to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, sharing positive experiences with friends can lead to increased feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Additionally, feeling excited after a first date can also indicate a strong connection and chemistry with the other person. It is important to embrace this excitement and use it as a positive energy to continue building a potential relationship.


Enjoyment of the Date

If the date was fabulous, you’re going to have an overall feeling of enjoyment. You may sit back and just reflect on how much you enjoyed your evening. This is wonderful to experience. It’s fun to just allow your thoughts to drift back over the night. A fabulous first date can make some wonderful memories to treasure.


After a fabulous first date, it is common to feel a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. This feeling can be a result of a great conversation, shared laughs, and a general feeling of connection with your date. It is also a sign that the date went well and both parties had a good time. This feeling of enjoyment can also lead to a sense of excitement and anticipation for future dates with this person. Additionally, a fabulous first date can create lasting memories that you can look back on and cherish. Overall, feeling enjoyment after a first date is a positive sign and can be a great start to a potential relationship.



You may have a feeling of curiosity after a fabulous first date. You feel intrigued by your date and want to get to know them better. If the date wasn’t fabulous then you aren’t going to want to know any more about the person. You’ll want to forget the date and the person you went on it with. So a feeling of curiosity about your date is a good thing.


Good Feelings about Yourself

A fabulous first date is going to make you feel good about yourself. You may feel a boost in confidence or just feel really good about yourself in general. You may feel like you look nice or notice a new sparkle in your eyes. These are nice feelings to enjoy. They’re also feelings that you won’t forget, especially if that first date turns into a relationship. You’ll always remember all of these wonderful feelings that you felt at first.


Openness to the Future

You may have a feeling of openness to the future and what it may hold for you. It’s not unusual to dream of a possible future with the person you went on a date with. You can see the possibilities and it’s a lot of fun to think about them. You probably feel hopeful about where your first date could lead. It’s fine to enjoy those daydreams.


A Sense of Anticipation

The last thing you may feel after a fabulous first date is a sense of anticipation. You may be waiting on a phone call from your date or anticipating when and where your next date may be. Dating is a lot of fun so of course you feel anticipation. Anticipation is a feeling of enthusiasm, excitement and positivity all rolled into one. If you don’t feel some anticipation of what could come next, it may not have been the best first date for you.

What was your last fabulous first date? You’re welcome to share about them here. I’d love to read your stories.

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