7 Kisses Every Girl Gets That She Never Forgets ...


There are kisses every girl gets that she'll want to remember for a lifetime. Don't underestimate the importance of your lips, because they're going to give you some pretty great memories. You might even get to reminisce about them with your kids one day in the future. Here are some of the adorable kisses every girl gets that she won't ever want to forget:

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First Peck

You might have had your first peck on the lips when you were a little tyke on the playground or while playing spin the bottle at a friend's party. It probably didn't mean much, but it was still a big stepping stone in your life. It was the first time you shared your body with another person. That's why your first peck on the lips is one of the kisses every girl gets eventually that she'll want to remember.


First French Kiss

Your first French kiss should be a bit more memorable than your first peck, because it typically occurs when you're older. You found a boy (or girl) that you found attractive and let your bodies do the talking. French kissing is a thrilling and nerve-racking experience, but it's fun to look back on once it's over. In the future, when you're a pro at lip locking, you'll laugh about how worried you were over your technique.


First Kiss with True Love

Kissing is always fun, but it's even better when you do it with the love of your life. You'll always want to remember the first kiss you shared with the man who goes on to be your husband. He might not have been the first person you've touched, but he's the only one that really matters. That's why his kiss is the most special.


The Bad Kiss

You weren't happy about that horrible kiss you shared with a guy you met at a party, but it's good to remember it. That way, all of your future kisses will be good by comparison. Don't feel bad about having one or two horrible kisses, because they happen to everyone. After it happens, move on from it, because it can only get better.


First Goodnight Kiss

Sleeping in the same bed as your partner and getting to kiss them goodnight before you fall asleep snuggled beside them is one of the best feelings in the world. You were used to leaving their house after a fun day together, so your first night together is always a memorable experience.


That "Special Night" Kiss

Everyone has their own special memory that they share with their partner. Maybe it was your anniversary or maybe it was a random day during summer, but you both remember it clearly. It was one of your best days as a couple and you shared kisses you never want to forget.


First Married Kiss

If you decide to get married, you won't want to forget the moment you first locked lips as husband and wife. It's a special occasion that should be caught on camera for you to watch again and again. It'll only evoke euphoric feelings.

If you haven't had your first kiss yet, don't worry. It'll happen eventually, so you should never rush it. You don't want your first kiss to be with someone you regret. What's your most memorable kiss?

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Francesca I was in the same boat, at 15 my friend kissed me and it was horrible :S then at 21 my current boyfriend came along and i thought i'd be horrible at it, but it felt just right!

Ive been put of french kissing because my ex was so bad at it! I cant enjoy a proper kiss now its a shame :(

My first french kiss was horrible...

Seriously, I have kissed two guys and they were really bad. I knew from that moment I wasn't interested in them. It's really worth the wait to kiss someone you're truly in love with.

That first kiss say it all how u feel about that love one u in love with

Underwater kiss and kiss in the rain. Unforgettable💋

Doesn't underwater kiss = drowning lol

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