8 Fantastic Dating Tips for Dating an Introvert ...


8 Fantastic Dating Tips for Dating an Introvert ...
8 Fantastic Dating Tips for Dating an Introvert ...

When you're dating an introvert, there can be a lot of things that you don't know – I've scoured the internet looking for dating tips for an introvert that really makes sense and let you know exactly what you are in for. An introvert is a homebody, someone that doesn't exactly want to go out and party and hates bigger crowds. These dating tips for an introvert can really help you understand exactly what a relationship with introvert can be like!

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You May Have to Carry on More of the Conversation

When you are dating an introvert, you've got to remember that they don't necessarily want to talk all that much, so that means that you might have to carry on a bit more of the conversation, especially at the beginning. A lot of introverts don't like to hold conversations with people that they have a crush on. So keep that in mind when you're looking through these dating tips for an introvert!


You May Have to Initiate a Lot of Touching

Dating an introvert comes with a lot of initiating too, which might not be a bad thing if you are the person that likes to do the pursuing. You might have to be the one that initiates the touching and even the sex, until they get comfortable with you. Being an introvert myself, I have to have my partner initiate a lot of things.


They Withdraw when They Feel Threatened

The thing with an introvert that you need to know is that when you fight with them, when they feel like you are threatening them, they are going to completely withdraw themselves from the situation and there is nothing that can get them out. For me, when I get in a fight with my partner, I cut her out completely and go somewhere. It's hard to handle, so it may take some adaptation, communication and compromise.


Your Social Agenda May Be Limited

Now, I am not saying that because you are with someone that is introverted, your entire social agenda is going to be wiped away. However, you've got take into consideration that your girlfriend or boyfriend might not want to go out every night of the week. They might actually want to chill out at home more often than not.


Introverts Need Time to Process

An introvert also needs a lot of time to process. They need time to process everything from a fight all the way to deep conversations that you've had with them. They need to make sure that they remember everything and have time to reflect on it. Keep that in mind!


When dating an introvert, patience is your best friend. After deep or emotional interactions, they may seem distant, but in truth, they're in a mental sanctuary reflecting on the exchange. This contemplation is critical: it's how they arrive at deeper understanding and, ultimately, intimacy. So, if they need a quiet evening or a day away after what seems like a significant conversation or event, don't feel rejected. Instead, appreciate this as part of their process. Your sensitivity to their need for this space can deepen the connection between you.

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Patience is a Virtue

Dating an introvert is amazing but you've got to have a lot patience. You've got to be able to give them their space and also allow them their time to process. I know that I'm difficult to deal with when I get into my own head space, but my partner deals with it beautifully!


Schedule Important Discussions

You don't necessarily have to hide things from an introvert, but if there is a big decision that you need to make with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you might want to schedule the time to talk it over. That way, you're giving them the time that they need to process and the time that they need to really make the decision with you.


When planning the discussion, it might be beneficial to give your partner a heads-up about the topic in question. This advanced notice allows them to reflect and gather their thoughts beforehand. It's also considerate to choose a quiet, comfortable environment for the conversation so they can feel at ease. Remember to be patient and listen actively; introverts often communicate in a thoughtful, deliberate manner. By being empathetic and providing them with this space, you're showing respect for their introspective nature, likely leading to a more meaningful and productive dialogue.


Space during a Fight

Finally, space during a fight is going to be the most important thing in the world. Honestly, if you can't give your girlfriend/boyfriend time during a fight to process and to really get over whatever they need to, that's a problem.

So, now that you know exactly what an introvert needs, have you ever dated someone that is introverted? How did that go? Give us a shout in the comments!

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This is a great and so true. I'm an introvert and it's hard get other people to understand.

Hi Heather, I am the extrovert in my relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years and live together. I would like to be engaged, but he on the other hand doesn't understand what the "rush" is, and says he wants to do it when he is certain. This seems weird to me after 2.5 years. Is this an introvert thing, or just a guy that doesnt really want to marry me thing?

I'm super introverted and I have a really hard time opening up to others. :/ I have anxious/avoidant personality disorder and its a huuuuge burden on my social life. This article helped me to understand myself a little. Thanks! (:

I prefer #2 PERSONALLY!

Hi Heather, I'm going through a tough time at the moment with a guy I'm seeing who is an introvert as well as extremely shy. I totally get what you say about space as that's what I'm going through at the moment. It's hard not contacting them. My brain tells me what I should do, however my heart finds it hard. I do believe if you give them the space they will let you back in when they're ready.

My boyfriend is an introvert and a few of these things related to him. The biggest thing is that even though he's an introvert he is very extroverted with some people, they just tire him out after a while which then makes him need his space. Not all introverts are shy and quiet like the general assumption is though.

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