19 Tips for Dating an Older Man ...


19 Tips for Dating an Older Man ...
19 Tips for Dating an Older Man ...

Looking for tips for dating an older man? Let Kay's wise post be your guide. Thanks Kay!

So, you just started dating an older man for the first time but worry that you're ill-equipped for what the relationship will entail. Fear not! Because you're already dating, it's clear that you're awesome and will be just fine, despite your age difference. If that doesn't put your nerves at ease, here are a couple tips for dating a "seasoned" Mr. Right.

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Be Patient

One of the biggest allures for younger women dating older men is the fact that older men tend to be more established. While you initially marvel over his fancy home and career, you will quickly learn that he must work hard (and often) to pay the bills and continue climbing the corporate ladder. Sometimes, this means less attention for you and almost always means that you and bew cannot be together every waking moment. If you want to make the relationship work, you have to be understanding of his time. Don’t whine if he can’t stay up chatting with you until 4am every night. Instead, work out a schedule to ensure that you both are able to spend time with one another without compromising your individual responsibilities


Remember, balance is key. An older gentleman often has a set routine and may not be as spontaneous as someone your age. Embrace the "quality over quantity" approach with your time together. Make plans that are both fulfilling and doable for him. This might include quieter evenings at home or weekend getaways that fit into his schedule. Communicate clearly about your needs, but also be adaptable — flexibility can be just as romantic as a grand gesture. Your patience and understanding can create a harmonious dynamic, allowing the relationship to thrive.


Be Spontaneous

While this applies in any relationship, it is especially important when dating an older man. With so many different things to do every week, you don’t want to become just another «task» on his to-do list. Every now and then, stray away from the norm and add an element of spontaneity. It could be something simple like trying a new restaurant for your weekend date, or something drastic like showing up to his work place for lunch in a sexy black dress. Just keep him on his toes! He’ll thank you for it.


Spontaneity is key when dating an older man, as mentioned in the article "19 Tips for Dating an Older Man" published on a women-focused blog in the category of love. This can mean trying new things together, such as a new restaurant or surprising him at work with a sexy outfit. It keeps the relationship exciting and shows him that you are not just another item on his to-do list. This tip is important because older men may have more established routines and it's important to keep the relationship from becoming stagnant. So go ahead and add some spontaneity to your dating life!

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Do NOT Constantly Remind Him of Your Age Gap

If you both have agreed to begin dating, you have moved past whatever age gap you may have. It can come across as insecure (and insensitive) if you constantly remind your man that you weren't born when his favorite song was released or that you were only in elementary school when he was trying out for the high school football team. You also run the risk of making your man feel like an old man, which could be awkward for the both of you. Play it cool and keep the age jokes to a minimum.


Remember, continual focus on the age difference can overshadow the many things you share in common and the unique experiences each of you brings to the relationship. It’s about building a meaningful connection, not fixating on numbers. While acknowledging your different life stages can be important for understanding each other, let this awareness bring you closer rather than divide you. Enjoy the quirks and insights that come from your respective ages, but don't let them define your partnership. Embrace the moments you create together now - those are the memories that will truly stand the test of time.

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Do Enjoy the Conversation

Many young women are attracted to older men because of their great conversation. This is your chance to talk about all the nerdy things your friends your age rather not talk about. Because let’s face it: most 20 year olds are not interested in talking about buying their first home, 401(k) plans or even traveling the world. This is the stuff your older man would LOVE to talk about. So, here's your chance! Let your inner nerd/responsible adult loose!


Enjoy the intellectual stimulation that comes with discussing matters seasoned with experience and wisdom. Older men often bring a treasure trove of knowledge, having lived through events and cultural shifts you've only read about. This exchange of ideas can enrich your perspectives, whether talking about classic literature, historical events, or the latest breakthroughs in technology. Cherish these conversations; they can be both enlightening and a bond-strengthening joy. Plus, it's quite the turn-on to see someone passionately expound on a subject they're well-versed in. Soak in the knowledge and enjoy the ride!

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Do Show off Your Domestic Skills

Not to say that a woman NEEDS to know how to cook and clean in order to entice any man, but it’s certainly an attractive trait when men are looking for the woman they want to marry and raise their future families. So, show off your skills in the kitchen! Your older man is sure to appreciate it.


This tip is especially relevant for women looking to date an older man. Showing off your domestic skills such as cooking and cleaning can be attractive to an older man who is looking for a partner to marry and raise a family with. Domestic skills are not a requirement for dating an older man, but they can be a bonus. Knowing how to cook and clean can be a great way to show an older man that you have the skills necessary to care for a family.

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Be Supportive

Because an older man is literally in a different place in his life than you, he may eventually through some changes that you are yet to experience. Whether it’s a career change or a midlife crisis, the best thing you can do is to always remain supportive.


Understanding and patience are key in weathering these transitions alongside him. Listen actively, offering a sympathetic ear and, when asked, sound advice. Remember, just as he has wisdom to share, your fresh perspective can be quite valuable to him too. It's about nurturing a partnership where you can grow and learn from each other. And remember, a strong relationship is built on mutual respect and caring—regardless of the age difference, support him as an equal partner.

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Despite your difference in age, you both have accepted one another for who you are. Do not feel pressured to give up your «young-life» to conform to what you think your older man wants. Instead, keep being yourself and always keep an open line of communication between one another. Your bew obviously was (and still is!) attracted to your spirit, so don’t start being a different person just because he’s a little older. Remaining true to who YOU are is key.


Your partner fell for your unique personality, quirks, passions, and view of the world. Age does not dictate how you should act or what interests you should pursue. A relationship flourishes on honesty and authenticity—and that includes honoring your youthful vibe. If you're into the latest trends, music, or love a spontaneous road trip with friends, keep it up! Your older man will likely admire and love the energy you bring to his life just as much as you appreciate the stability and maturity he offers in return.

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Listen to Him

He's older than you, which means that he's been dating for longer than you have. He has more life experience, which doesn't necessarily make him smarter, but it does make him someone worth listening to. The next time he tells you that you're doing something wrong with your career or friends, hear him out instead of immediately getting mad. He might have wise advice to pass on.

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Don't Move Too Quickly

When you're dating someone your own age, it could be hard to find an apartment together that you can actually afford. But if your older boyfriend has a nice house and steady income, you might be eager to move in with him. Don't rush things, just because you can. There's nothing wrong with taking things slow.


When dating an older man, you should keep in mind that there may be differences between your lifestyles. For example, if your older partner has a steady income, you might be tempted to move in together quickly. However, it is important to take things slowly and not rush into a decision. Moving in together is a big commitment and you should make sure you're both ready for it.

It's also important to consider the financial implications of living together. You should discuss how you'll split costs and who will be responsible for which bills. It's important to be aware of any potential issues that may arise, such as one partner shouldering more of the financial burden or a difference in spending habits.

In addition, you should also consider the social implications of dating an older man. Your friends and family may have different opinions about the relationship and it's important to be aware of these. You should also consider how your partner's age may affect your relationship in the long-term. There may be different expectations in terms of marriage, children, and other life decisions.

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Show Him New Things

When you make a reference he doesn't understand, don't awkwardly move past it. Show him the TV show you were talking about, because he might end up loving it. The same goes for when he mentions something that you don't understand.


Exploring new experiences together can strengthen your connection, so share your passions with him. Whether it's a quirky indie band, an exotic cuisine, or an adventurous activity, these experiences can become cherished memories and show him the vibrant world through your lens. Similarly, be open to learning about his interests. It's not just about sharing your favorites; it's about creating a diverse and rich shared tapestry that celebrates both of your backgrounds.

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Remain Calm

Some of your friends and family members aren't going to approve of you dating an older man. If their acceptance is important to you, then be patient and explain to them why you love him. If it's clear that they're never going to approve, then you have to learn to not let their opinions bother you.


Maintain your composure when addressing their concerns, and use the opportunity to communicate your feelings and the reasons behind your choice confidently and maturely. Speak to the qualities and the genuine connection you share with your partner. Remember that building mutual understanding may take time, and sometimes, they may need to see the happiness and stability in your relationship firsthand. Above all, trust in your own judgment and the bond you have with your older man, as it is ultimately the foundation of your partnership that matters most.

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Don't Isolate Yourself

You might want to turn down every invitation to hang out with him and his friends, since they're all so much older. However, if he's the right guy for you, then he'll find a way to make you comfortable. Don't feel like his friends are judging you, because they're probably jealous that he landed such a beautiful, young woman.


Socializing with his circle is a step towards understanding the world he comes from. It might be intimidating at first, but embrace these opportunities to bond and show your genuine personality. Over time, his friends can become your friends too, creating a shared social network that enriches your relationship. Remember, every shared laugh and experience is a building block in your relationship’s foundation. Be open-minded and confident; your age doesn’t define your ability to connect with others, especially when they are important to him.

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Accept His Baggage

If you're going to date an older man, you have to understand that he has more baggage than you do, because he's so much older. If you want to be with him, you can't blame him for having an ex-wife or child. You need to be able to accept his past if you want the relationship to work.


Older men not only carry a history of past relationships, but they also might have established routines, health concerns, and potentially less energy than younger men. It's crucial to communicate openly and ensure your life goals align. You can't expect him to change his ways overnight, or at all, if they're deeply ingrained. Rather, focus on the strengths he brings to the relationship, like maturity, stability, and wisdom. Your ability to embrace the complexities of his life will show him that you're serious about being a supportive partner.

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Laugh at Mistakes

If someone mistakes him for your father, you need to be able to laugh it off. If you get angry whenever it happens, it suggests that you're insecure about the age difference. Just point out the person's mistake and act like nothing happened.


Remember, humor is a brilliant salve for awkward situations. Embrace the chuckle that comes from the disbelief in others' eyes. It showcases your confidence and eases any tension. Moreover, a light-hearted approach may even endear you further to your partner, who will likely appreciate your easygoing attitude in the face of such a common misconception. Together, you can share an inside joke, strengthening your bond over the very thing that others might see as an obstacle. Keep the mood buoyant, and such moments can become part of your unique couple story.

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Let Him Work

If you have a part-time job that you don't really care about, you can't compare it to his career. That means you shouldn't get mad when he refuses to cancel an important meeting to have a date night. Even if you're the most important thing in his life, you can't always come first.


Respect for his commitments comes hand-in-hand with understanding the different stages you both might be in within your careers. It’s essential to support his drive and hard work, just as you would expect understanding and encouragement for your endeavors. After all, a strong relationship is built on mutual respect. Keep in mind that commitment to work does not translate to a lack of affection; rather, it's a sign of responsibility and professionalism. Make the most of the time you have together by planning meaningful activities that can fit into both of your schedules.

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Don't Act like a Kid

No, that doesn't mean that you have to stop playing video games and blowing bubbles. It just means that you shouldn't play childish games with him. If his maturity matches his age, he won't have time for those silly things. He just wants a healthy, stable relationship.


When dating an older man, it's important to remember that he may have different expectations than those of a younger man. He may be looking for a more mature relationship than one based on childish games and behavior.

It's important to keep in mind that older men may have more experience when it comes to relationships. They may have been in more serious relationships in the past, and may be looking for something more serious now. They may also have had more time to develop their own interests, opinions, and values.

It's important to take the time to get to know him and learn more about his interests, values, and goals. This will help you understand him better and build a stronger relationship. Showing respect for his opinions and experiences will also help him feel appreciated.

It's also important to remember that older men may have more responsibilities. They may have children from a previous relationship, or may even have grandchildren. They may also have more financial obligations, such as mortgages or car payments. Showing respect for these responsibilities will help him feel appreciated and understood.

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Don't Be Intimidated

Don't feel like you don't measure up. You might not have a stable job or be the best kisser, but it's because you're still young. You have time to learn new things, and he can be the one to teach you.



This paragraph emphasizes the importance of not feeling intimidated when dating an older man. It reminds readers that it's natural to not have everything figured out at a young age and that there is always room for growth and learning. This can be a reassuring message for women who may feel insecure about their lack of experience or accomplishments compared to their older partner. It also highlights the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship, where the older man can share his knowledge and experiences with the younger woman. Ultimately, this paragraph encourages women to embrace their youth and not let it hold them back from dating an older man.

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Don't Give Him the Power

His age doesn't mean that he gets to make the rules. He shouldn't always be the one deciding what you'll eat and what vacation you'll go on. Relationships should be about equality. He doesn't get the upper hand just because he's a bit older.


In addition to not giving an older man too much power in the relationship, it's important to also consider the potential power dynamics at play. Age differences can sometimes lead to a power imbalance, where the older partner may try to control or manipulate the younger one. It's important to set boundaries and communicate openly to ensure that both partners are equal and respected in the relationship. Additionally, keep in mind that age does not necessarily equate to maturity or wisdom, so don't let an older man's age automatically give him the upper hand. Ultimately, the key to a successful relationship with an older man is mutual respect and equality.

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Discuss the Future

You're young, so you're not used to discussing children and marriage with your partners. However, if your boyfriend is much older, those things could be on his mind. You should discuss how old you want to be when you get married so that the two of you are on the same page.

Always remember that every relationship is different and approach each one as such. The same rings true of dating an older man. Once you get into the swing of it, everything else will come natural. While these tips aren't the end all be all for every relationship, they are certainly a start when it comes to dealing with an older man. Best wishes!


When it comes to dating an older man, there are certain things to consider. For starters, older men tend to be more mature, financially stable, and experienced in relationships. They often have a more established career, and may even have children from a previous relationship. This can be a great thing, but it can also be a challenge to adjust to the different dynamics of a relationship with an older man.

In addition, older men may have different expectations for a relationship than someone younger. For example, they may be looking for a more serious commitment, or they may be more interested in marriage and starting a family. It's important to discuss these topics openly with your partner to ensure that you both have the same expectations.

Another important aspect to consider when dating an older man is communication. Older men may be more set in their ways and less open to compromise. They may also be more likely to be direct and to the point in conversations. It's important to be honest and open with your partner, but also to be respectful and understanding of their point of view.

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I read this article to enhance my understanding of older guys. But comes to find out I already knew what this article had told me about older guys. I am so glad I am matured enough to date and keep a older guy. Older guys just always have been attracting to me as well.

Is it bad if I am 17 and he is 22?

@Gwhitt are you two still together? Have you told your family!!

Sounds like a gold digger self help tips. Women have career or things happening too. Even for young women!

I'm only 22 and i forget about my man being 25.. He's my best friend and even though i feel like i'm a tiny bit behind on life experience than him, I'm very happy :) he loves my cooking and especially when i bake cakes :P

I wouldn't consider 5 years an age gap. 8-10 years is when these tips kick into high gear. :-)

Well... I went on a date with an older guy (16years) on Friday night. It was the best night of my life and not once did the age difference bother either of us. After the date he called me a million times and has even invited me to his best friend's wedding. Our chemistry and compatibility is like nothing I have ever experienced. The only time age became a problem is when he mentioned that he might be to old to have kids. Otherwise, I have fallen in love at first sight. We are taking it slow, but why should we be scared or embarrassed about age-gaps if he genuinely makes me happy. I know you might think it is a bit quick to judge, after just one date, maybe it is, but it doesn't change the fact that I haven't been able to stop smiling since.

I think it depends on the two people. Some women are quite old headed and might be more at attracted to an older man than one the same age. One of my friends is married to a much older man, but she said he was the nicest man she ever met. Her first husband was the same age and the marriage broke up. So I think it depends on the persons involved

@Lavander I’m not sure exactly how long ago you commented on this post but, are you still with your S.O.? I’m dating someone with the same age gap, and have never gotten along better or loved someone more in my whole life.

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