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If youโ€™ve tried online dating and didnโ€™t meet the man of your dreams, maybe you just need a few new tips for online dating success! Dozens of my friends and I have made a love connection online, and you can too! Here are 8 tips for online dating successโ€ฆ why not try it again?

1. Register with Several Sites

The man of your dreams may not be on match.com, or on christianmingle.com, or even on eharmony.com โ€“ you may not find him unless you register with several sites! I would recommend registering with five or six sites that you find appealing. Since registering is the first step in finding online love, itโ€™s the first of my tips for online dating success!

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Shawna Melton
@thessa, beware of ANY man that asks you for money shortly after beginning communications with you!
Heather Jensen
Oh! That's a great idea! :) I'll add that to my list!
Can you write a post with tips for online relationships with guys you met through video games? I know that sounds a little lame and nerdy but I had a 3 year relationship with someone from an online mu...
Heather Jensen
Aww! That is horrible! I know that happens a lot. :)
Beware of the online scams by the Nigerian syndicates. I have encountered it before. But I wasn't that naive and stupid. I outwit 'him' in his own game. How to tell? When he starts to ask you for hel...
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