What to do when Your Ex Texts You ...


What to do when Your Ex Texts You ...
What to do when Your Ex Texts You ...

Your ex never texts you when you're missing them. Somehow, they always time it so their message comes through right when you're doing fine in life and aren't thinking about them at all. Of course, that text can change everything. But instead of letting it drive you mad, you should stay calm. Here are a few different options you have when your ex texts you:

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Have a Normal Conversation with Him

Have a Normal Conversation with Him If you miss having him in your life, and want to be friends with him again, then you can try to have a normal conversation with him. Of course, that means you shouldn't get flirty. Otherwise, you'll cross a line. You shouldn't act jealous when he talks about his new girlfriend, either. If you sound like you're still bitter over the breakup, then you probably won't end up as friends.


Tell Him It’s Not a Good Idea for You to Talk

Tell Him It’s Not a Good Idea for You to Talk If you don't want to talk to your ex, but don't want to be rude, then you can tell him the truth. Let him know that you appreciate him reaching out to you, but don't want to put yourself through the pain of letting him back into your life. The truth can go a long way.


Go out to Get Your Mind off of Him

Go out to Get Your Mind off of Him If getting a text from your ex upset you, then you should do something to get your mind off of him. You don't want to stare at your phone, debating what to do or say for hours on end. That's unhealthy. It's better to have fun with your friends and forget all about the boy that once broke your heart.


Ask Yourself if You Really Want Him Back in Your Life

Ask Yourself if You Really Want Him Back in Your Life Before you text him back, ask yourself if you actually want him back in your life. Texting doesn't seem like a big deal, but it can be. That's why you should only respond to his messages if you honestly think you can handle talking to him again.


Check His Social Media

Check His Social Media If you check his social media, you might be able to figure out why he's suddenly contacting you. If he just broke up with his new girlfriend, then he might be looking for a rebound. It he just lost his job, he might be looking to you for comfort. Of course, that doesn't mean you should be there to help him feel better.

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Just Don’t Respond to Him

Just Don’t Respond to Him You don't actually have to respond to his messages. Just ignore them if you want. There's nothing he can do about it. After all, even if he shows up at your house and knocks on your door, you can ignore the sound just like you ignored your text message alert.


Block His Number

Block His Number If you can't even stand the thought of seeing his name pop up on your phone screen, then you should block his number. That way, it'll be impossible for him to contact you. Just don't forget to block him on Facebook and every other piece of social media, as well.

Everyone's situation is different. You know whether it's a better idea to text your ex back or throw your phone across the room, so make the right decision. Do you keep in contact with any of your exes?

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I pike boobs💯

& Vash u did the best thing u shouldnt call him at first place , he cant b the one for u

My ex gave me a miss call.. One miss call just one which drove me crazy this happend after one month of our breakup. So I waited for a while nd then I called him but couldn't talk so hung up. After 2 weeks again he gave me 1 miss call, this actually irritated me bcoz I felt that he is not letting me move forward nd is playing some mind games. I tried calling him this time but he never picked my calls nd then I texted him whether he is busy... I wanted to know wat was going on nd wanted a closure but he didn't reply nicely to me.. He said "I m busy little bit, will call u in sometime" this call which he was mentioning never came... Never.. Whole day I was waiting for his call. Now I have changed my number just didn't want him to call or come back in my life. I guess he was trying to play with me nd mess up with my brain.. What do u think? Did I do right? He was not the one right? What if he was the best I could ever have?

Thanks Splashhhh 😘😘😘

Just happened.... Text me after 3 months of no contact deleted his number. As soon as I got it my anxiety went sky high. Ended up talking to him now I regret I did cause we go round and round in circles, he does the same things every time and I'm left ruined.

@Vash you did the RIGHT THING!! Believe me he wasn't worth it at all you deserve better than a idiot like him. I was in the same situation thinking if my ex was the best thing I could ever have but then I realized that no he wasn't. Why would you want someone who doesn't respect you and love you for who you are? You will find someone better but in the mean while focus on yourself and have fun with people that loves you and respect you :)

Block and ignore any ex. That way there is no need to worry about if he calls or not. I only took this advise once and I am so glad I did.

Omg my extra just texted me a week ago! I took my moms advise and just ignored him

I was broken, had no one to talk to... Thanks girls 👭 😘😘😘 for such a good advice. U know the worst part was that we had everything planned marriage, kids. All of sudden everything was gone.

Block and ignore any ex girl forget him

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