E-Cards to Help You through Your Breakup ...


The card above is trending on Imgur. A man gave it to his girlfriend during his birthday dinner, after finding out that she's been cheating on him with several other men. If you're going through a similar situation, here are a few more cards that you can send to your ex after a rough breakup:

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Loved and Lost

Loved and Lost It's better to be alone than to be stuck with a psycho.


Rest of My Life

Rest of My Life You'll find someone else. Anyone else.


Text Me Back

Text Me Back It's more polite to do it over the phone than through a text message.



Vibrator At least your vibrator knows how to make you orgasm.


Your Next Girlfriend

Your Next Girlfriend Some boys know nothing about the way a woman's body works.


Not like the Rest of Them

Not like the Rest of Them Not all men are jerks. Some of them are even worse.


New Chapter

New Chapter It'll give you that closure you deserve.


No Guilt

No Guilt Some people make it clear why they're not worth your time.

Are you going through a rough breakup right now?

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This is hilarious!!

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