17 Things That Happen when You Date a Friend's Ex ...


17 Things That Happen when You Date a Friend's Ex ...
17 Things That Happen when You Date a Friend's Ex ...

It can happen to anyone. You find yourself attracted to a friend's ex. So many thoughts run through your head and there are so many things to consider. If it remains a simple crush, no problem. If the other person has feelings for you, too, and if you decide to pursue a relationship, nothing's quite so simple. Several things happen when you date your friend's ex, things that affect your friendship and your new relationship. Keeping them in mind might help things progress a bit more smoothly.

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You Start Catching Feelings

You Start Catching Feelings You probably don't mean to. You probably know it's a bad idea, or at least a risky one, but sometimes you can't help whom you fall for. Sometimes, it just happens.


You Try to Deny Those Feelings

You Try to Deny Those Feelings Which never works. It's like when you're on a diet and you cut out your favorite food. Suddenly, all you crave are hamburgers or cookies or bread. Your friend's ex is bread.


You Start Weighing Pros and Cons

You Start Weighing Pros and Cons This is important. If you really have feelings for your friend's ex, you need to know because that will help you figure out how to proceed. If, on the other hand, you discover that you're just experiencing a little lust or infatuation, then you might reconsider whether this is worth potentially harming your friendship.


You Talk to Your Other Friends Constantly

You Talk to Your Other Friends Constantly You have to swear them to secrecy, of course, but you need to vent, you need to hear different perspectives, and you need to talk out your feelings. Just beware, there's a chance your friend will find out anyway.


You Become Very Careful on Social Media for a Minute

You Become Very Careful on Social Media for a Minute Hopefully, anyway. You don't need to put all your business out there before you have the most important conversation ...


You Talk to Your Friend

You Talk to Your Friend You have to. I know it might be scary, but you really have to. It's human nature to sometimes push for our own happiness, but you're dealing with your friend here, and her/his feelings. You need to know where your friend stands because you might have a decision to make – or not. I mean, if you have strong feelings for your pal's ex, the idea of walking away is painful.


You Fight the Urge to Gossip

You Fight the Urge to Gossip It happens. When you get with someone new, you gossip about your exes. When you're hanging out with someone who's been in your circle, you gossip about your mutual acquaintances. Don't do that here – and if you want to keep you friendship strong, don't let your new boo tell tales about your pal.


You Don't Trash Talk, Either

You Don't Trash Talk, Either Especially if things get acrimonious, which is a possibility. Even if your friend is talking trash about you, rise above it and remember that s/he is hurt and probably feels betrayed.


You'll Discover the Boundaries

You'll Discover the Boundaries There will be plenty. Maybe you can't talk about your new relationship with your friend. Maybe your new partner can't complain about the things your friend used to do in front of you. You'll figure it out.


You'll Think about Their Relationship, Though

You'll Think about Their Relationship, Though Usually just in the beginning, and hopefully, you quell the urge to talk about it, but you'll think about it.


You Might Even Get Obsessive

Mouth, Fun, Hand, Black hair, This can happen, too. If you feel like you're in direct comparison with your friend, it can drive you crazy.


You'll Think about Them Kissing …

You'll Think about Them Kissing … Your partner has kissed your friend. Their tongues have been in each other's mouths. That can wear on your brain.


… and Doing Other Things, Too

… and Doing Other Things, Too Bits of your partner have been inside bits of your friend all the way around. That, too, can weigh on you.


So You Learn to Stop Comparing Yourself

Face, Photograph, Black, Nose, Black-and-white, For the sake of your sanity, your relationship, and your friendship, you have to separate their relationship from yours. See why it can get tricky?


You Compare What You Know to What You See, Though

You Compare What You Know to What You See, Though The thing is, at some point, you'll hear about your friend's relationship – either while it was happening or now that you're seeing her/his ex. You'll naturally compare what you know to what you're experiencing – and sometimes, you have to. Just try not to let it affect your new relationship too deeply.


You Either Overcome the Issues

You Either Overcome the Issues This person might be your person. No matter what happens, this might be it for you. Ultimately, your friend will come to terms with it and/or move on. Ideally, you'll have your friend and your new relationship, and your friend will find someone who makes her/him happy, too.


Or You Split

Or You Split Gotta be honest. This happens sometimes, too. Sometimes all that history and baggage is too much.

Have you ever dated a friend's ex? What happened?

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same but my friend hates me because im dating her ex

The whole year with him was worth dropping my relationship with my girlfriend, it honestly just depends on the relationships you have with each of them and which one your willing to loose.

So, we kept it to each other, until it happened again. Then, I had to tell my friend. I couldn't lie. So, I did. We laughed about it, it was so chilled. Then, she stopped talking to me, today she ended the friendship. Saying, she needs to separate herself

Well, I kinda like my friend's ex. My friend swore that, she hates that ex and she is happy for me. Well, I just didn't want it to go there, but the ex and I kissed. We told each other it's a mistake, because of too many people involved in our picture.

From me

I dated my friends ex for a year

We just broke up because he lost feelings for me. I'd have been okay with that if he told me straight up but no he became a huge ass and dragged out the relationship continually telling me he still loved me. We were in love, and I don't regret our relationship one bit, we have some of the best memories and I miss him every day. I'm trying to move on

Hi there iv been seeing my friend ex for over a year and going very good. But my friend still has no clue lol

Girl code...don't date her ex unless you're willing to lose a friend

That's incredibly unfair, she should have been honest from the start so you could talk through it, perhaps the break had more effect on her than she let on and it has hurt her to know he is moving on?

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