10 Breakup Rules Women Should Always Follow after a Relationship Ends ...


10 Breakup Rules Women Should Always Follow after a Relationship Ends ...
10 Breakup Rules Women Should Always Follow after a Relationship Ends ...

Breakups are rough. Of course, you can make them easier on yourself by following a few simple rules. According to Teen Vogue, here are a few of those breakup rules you should always follow:

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Don’t Be Spiteful Just for the Sake of Hurting the Person Doing the Breaking up

Don’t Be Spiteful Just for the Sake of Hurting the Person Doing the Breaking up You might think that getting revenge is going to give you closure. It's not--unless you get revenge by being the best person you can be and showing him what he's missing without saying a word.


Change up Your Routine

performance art, musical theatre, fashion, If you continue going to the restaurant you two used to have dates at every Friday, he'll always be on your mind. That's why you should switch things up by going to places you've never been before to create new memories that don't involve him.

3 Don’t Tell so Many People

Don’t Tell so Many People
 Ranting about your breakup can help you heal. However, you should pick a few close friends to gossip with. Don't tell anyone who's willing to listen about your breakup, because you might regret spilling so many personal details.


Mute Them on Social Media

Mute Them on Social Media You don't have to unfriend him on Facebook, but you definitely should unfollow him. That way, his posts won't come up on your feed and remind you of him, but you can still stalk him to see if you're winning the breakup.


Don't Throw Shade on Social Media

Don't Throw Shade on Social Media Don't make a nasty post about him, even if it's vague and doesn't mention him by name. It's rude, and it'll backfire, because it'll end up making you look worse than him.

6 Don’t Fall for the “I Still Want to Be Friends” Line

person, mouth, singing, sense, model, You two should spend some time apart. You might be able to rebuild your friendship in the future, but for now, it's best for the both of you if you cut off contact.


Be Careful with Rebounds

Be Careful with Rebounds Don't start dating someone new when you're still hung up on your ex. It's not fair to the new man and it's not fair to yourself. Try to get over him before you get under someone else.


It's Not a Game of Revenge

human action, photography, blond, sense, eating, Revenge-no matter how sweet-is never the answer. It doesn't matter how rough your breakup is, you will not win by seeking revenge.


The Bad News: Nothing Lasts Forever

black and white, black, monochrome photography, photography, beauty, While it might be hard in the first few days or weeks (let's face it, even months sometimes) you need to remember that the pain and sadness will go away with time as long as you make steps to move forward and not dwell.


The Good News: Nothing Lasts Forever

hair, human hair color, person, blond, photography, No, this isn't a joke from the point before. Eventually, you'll get to the point where looking at their Facebook or IG doesn't completely crush you. You'll begin to appreciate the time you shared together and the lessons the relationship taught you for the future. And those things right there are wonderful!

What other breakup rules do you think men and women should follow?

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Hi there, I've broken up with my ex about 2 months now but last night we've texted each other and we've ended up meet up than I supposed you guys know what going to happen, I end up stay over night at his house-now, I don't know what to do, I'm so confuse

Do it in person not over text

Honestly. I always do this and it bites me in the ass lol

From personal Experience, Dont sleep with their best friend.. Haha.. Ha..

I am hoping it makes me a stronger person

Number6 is so important

Don't respond to their text messages if they hit you up. It's a set up to see if you still have feelings for him to leave again

NOT responding to any texts. Bye!

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