7 Dog-Friendly Date Ideas That You Will Love ...

By Doriean

Dates are fun, but they are even more fun when they are dog friendly date ideas. Bringing the pup along can stimulate conversation, encourage playfulness, and get the two of you some much-needed fresh air. Below are seven dog friendly date ideas.

Table of contents:

  1. picnic in the park
  2. frisbee fun
  3. beach day
  4. outdoor site seeing
  5. puppy play-date
  6. day camping
  7. patio lunch date

1 Picnic in the Park

A picnic in the park is one of the best dog friendly date ideas. Pack yummy foods and drinks you and your partner enjoy, including a main entrée like a sandwich or pasta as well as a tasty side dish. Grab a bottle of wine to complement the meal. Don’t forget puppy! Bring kibble as well as a treat or two to make the picnic special for your dog, too.

2 Frisbee Fun

If you want to see uncontrollable joy, show your dog a Frisbee. Toss it for him or her to run after and – if you’re lucky – your dog will fetch and bring it right back to you. Take turns tossing the Frisbee for your dog, or stand apart from each other to start a game of keep-away with your dog in the middle. You, your man, and your dog will be getting fresh air and exercise. That’s a date win-win!

3 Beach Day

Do you love long walks on the beach? Then there’s a good chance your dog does, too! Research dog-friendly beaches near you that you can bring your dog to for some sand frolicking fun. Some beaches even allow dogs to wander without a leash, which your pooch will love. It’s a good chance for your dog to mingle with other pups and for you and your beau to spend quality time together in the sun.

4 Outdoor Site Seeing

Be a tourist in your own city, or travel a few hours and experience a new spot. There are lots of fun outdoor places to see no matter where you live. Classic architecture, lush gardens – there are a number of places the two of you can see where you can also bring your dog along. Just be careful where puppy lifts his leg: it’s not good to pee on a national treasure!

5 Puppy Play-date

Do both of you have dogs? Or does a couple the two of you spend time with have pets? Plan a puppy play-date where you take the dogs out for some outdoor fun. A group of two or more dogs means party time for the pups and an easy day for you. Plus, you’ll spend time with your partner and your friends makes for a great time. This dog-friendly date idea is a great way to catch up with buds and wear out the dogs.

6 Day Camping

Got a free day coming up? Grab a tent, your man and your pooch and head to a campsite. Roughing it for a few hours or even overnight is a good opportunity for you and your love to bond. Plus, bringing your dog along makes camping more fun. Your dog will love exploring the new surroundings, sniffing new spots and getting dirty.

7 Patio Lunch Date

Make your lunch date four paws better by making it a dog friendly date. If you and your beau plan to meet up for lunch on a sunny day, select a restaurant with an outdoor seating area that allows dogs. Pack something for your dog to munch on while the two of you eat to prevent your furry friend from begging for table scraps. A leisurely lunch is a bit more fun when your doggie is there with you.

Man’s best friend loves dates just as much as you do! Try to incorporate your puppy in your dating plans when possible. It’s fun for you and exciting for your pooch. Plus, if it’s early in your dating relationship, dog-friendly dates are a good chance for your partner and your pup to bond. So grab that leash and head to that date! Have you been a fun date with your pup lately? Where did you go?

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