Don't Be Fooled - 7 Signs He's Too Good to Be True ...


You don't want to get your heart broken by a guy who tricked you into falling for him. That's why you should be suspicious whenever a man seems too good to be true. No one is perfect, so he must be hiding something. Here are some signs the man you're interested in is too good to be true:

1. You Don't Know His Mom's Name

How much do you know about his past? If he's never mentioned how many siblings he has, what schools he's attended, or what jobs he's had, then it's a huge red flag. Even though some people shudder to think about their past, he should be open with you if he really cares about you. So stop getting turned on by how mysterious he is, and start thinking about why his secrecy is actually a bad thing.

All His Exes Are "Crazy"


Dianna Victoria
describes my ex perfectly, I hate that its so hard to let go of someone.
Been there. When all of his friends ask, "how did he ever get someone like you," or say , "you're too good for him," they are not joking. It's true!
I broke up with a guy like this two months ago and I can honestly say I'm a lot happier now. Taking a step back from the relationship and seeing it from a distance really helps
This is such a good\true article.. Love the Jekyll and Hyde reference!
Look up Jekyll and Hyde- it's a famous play, a guy who has two sides to him.
Is it supposed to be Jackie and Hyde from that 70s show? Because the reference makes sense
Exactly why my x is my x! I found an honest, loving guy and we've been married 19 years now! Thank God!
Just met one. I am still struggling a lot to forget him. I was so stupid for believing all his tricks. I believe these guys bring more emotions to us. That's why.... Be careful!!!!!
Yep, I just had one of these. I don't know who's the bigger jerk - him for being an ass or me for believing his shit in the first place!!! Oh well, life goes on
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