Relationship Alert 9 Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn't Respect You and How to Handle It ...

By Alison

Relationship Alert 9 Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn't Respect You and How to Handle It ...

One of those issues that can really kill a relationship is a lack of respect. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't respect you? But sometimes it's not as obvious as you might think, and the lack of respect is more subtle. Here are some signs your boyfriend doesn't respect you, and what you should do about it …

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1 He Flirts in Front of You as if You Weren't There

Is your boyfriend 'a bit of a flirt'? Do you make excuses for him and brush it off as not meaning anything? Well, it's not a very respectful way to behave if you're not there, acting as if he doesn't have a girlfriend. And it's even worse if he flirts right in front of you as if you weren't even there. It's dismissive of you, and it's not just him being charming and friendly. It's rude.

2 He Puts You down

Does he constantly criticise you? That's definitely not showing you the respect you deserve. Someone who loves you supports you. They don't put you down and make you feel inferior.

3 He Tries to Dictate What You do and How You Dress

This should be a huge red flag. It's a sign of a controlling man who doesn't respect that you're an individual with the right to choose for yourself. Someone who tries to dictate what you wear, where you go and who you're friends with has no respect for you as a person but thinks you're his property.

4 He Doesn't Listen to the Word 'No'

Does he ignore you when you say no to something? Does he try to force you to do sex acts that you don't like? A man who doesn't listen to and respect the word 'no' has no respect for you. Is this really the kind of guy you want to date?

5 He Belittles Your Opinion

Or does he belittle your opinion? Does he laugh at your ideas and dismiss them patronisingly, or tell you flat out that he thinks they're ridiculous? Guys like this have no respect for you. Guys who do will accept that you have your own opinions, even if they don't always agree with you.

6 Sex is More Important than Anything

Sex is an important part of most relationships, but it shouldn't be the only thing that matters. Does he only ever call you when he wants sex, or pressure you into having sex even when you're not in the mood? That's a terrible lack of respect and shows that he only sees you as a bed partner.

7 You're His Second Choice

Do you have a sneaking feeling that you don't match up to his ex, or that he secretly has the hots for someone else? You should never feel that you're second best. If he truly values you, he won't be dating you when he'd rather be with someone else. And if he prefers being with his friends, let him be with them - while you find someone who really likes you!

8 He Repeatedly Lets You down

Be wary of guys that are constantly coming up with reasons for letting you down and cancelling dates. Something may come up from time to time, but if he's constantly cancelling, he's showing that he doesn't value you enough to stick to arrangements.

9 He's Not There when You Have Problems

Is he there for you when you're sick or need support, or is he nowhere to be seen? Guys who respect you are always there for you when you need them.

Have you ever been disrespected by a boyfriend, and how did you handle it?

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My boyfriend and I broke up on 9th of May because both of us are Hindus but he belongs to such a community where love marriages are considered to be a crime. I never forced him for marriage nor for any other thing but wanted to make things clear between us. I tried talking to him twice regarding solving this matter because I just can't afford to lose him just like that but the very first time I tried to solve it, we broke up and the very next time when I tried talking to him, he got outraged on me and even quoted that now I irritate him. There are a lot of misunderstanding between us and he really thinks that I'm forcing him to get married to me, it's nothing like that. Since the very beginning he do only the things he wishes to do. I never went against his will. I told my parents about him because I never hide anything from them and he got scared after knowing this and started to maintain distance with me because he really is scared of his family and he thinks that if his family will come to know that he is in a relationship or even committing a love marriage, they will make him to stay at home and the very next month will arrange a girl for him to marry. I love him so much that I even went into depression for a while, even forgot my really identity, like the way I used to behave all the cute cuddly nature is gone. I know that a love should be unconditional but I used to feel alive when I was with him. Now I just work hard to distract my mind. 24/7 I'm busy doing something because I know that if I'll sit alone for a while, his memories will haunt me. Whenever I remember something, I smile like a stupid instead of crying because they were so beautiful I don't wish to forget them. There was a time in the middle of March, I felt that he's getting away from me, I even wrote a novel on our relationship because I never got to tell him what I actually think and how much I love him. Our mutual college friends are even telling me that his family is planning a marriage in the mid of December and I really can't lose him just like that before it gets too late I wish to get him back by then. Sometimes I feel that whatever he's doing is on purpose. His ignorance. His rude attitude. He himself is confused and scared because he wishes to be with me but can't because of his family. I'm sick and tired of listening to "You will find a better person in future." "Forget him, he wasn't worth it." "There are plenty of fishes in the ocean." Feelings never show up just like that. I really loved him. When he was with me, my smile seemed to be a permanent feature of my face but now since he's gone, I'm actually forced to smile. Watching him everyday in college actually makes my day but still I can't face him. I can't just let him go, whatever we had, whatever thing he said to me, they can't go away just like that. I left everything on god; praying everyday to get him back. Maybe it will help because he can't be so unfair to bring him in my life and then take him away just like that. Hope god will make everything go alright.

The thing is these types of characters are slippery little b@st@rds and ever one of those points are true and then some .... But how they get away with it is that they don't show all of those all the time - they turn them down and off according to what they want from you at any given time. They can be nice and charming even loving characters but I'd suggest when they are being so likeable it's only a mask that shortly is bound to slip and reveal that very horrible nature. Hard work for sure. If you challenge this type than can and will be physically violent towards you. The straight up truth😕

Been there,done that and cried my eyes out for a while then decided to laugh. Life is too short to pine after the ones who refuse to respect you. Being with no man is better than being with the wrong one ! They are the losers having not recognised how lovely you ladies are . What would you tell your best friend if she were in your situation? Bet you would tell her to start putting herself first for a change and not waste her life on theses problem kids !

Ok Hun

Maby you don't . Easy

@Akki I don't know your situation and it's not for me to judge I do wish you the best :)

Typical !!!!

I do know my husband will not be treating me like trash if the thought crossed his mind I would leave I do know that I'm not weak I know me and what I accept and what I don't . What's next after verbal abuse physical ?

Niamh, I guess you should talk to him because of course, for some reason he came into your life and without even letting him know your problem, you're breaking up with him. There shouldn't be anything unsaid. It's better that you talk to him with calm attitude before things go worse.

Correction not married to the same person (thank goodness) LOL

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