Signs You Don't Have Enough Chemistry to Survive as a Couple ...


Everybody likes to think that their relationship will last forever, but how can you be sure? Well, you can't, but you can spot signs that it might not go the distance. If you're missing that vital ingredient called chemistry, you're not likely to last - however much you think he's a great guy. Here are some signs that you may not have enough chemistry to make it as a couple …

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You Want to Change Him (or Vice Versa)

So he'd be perfect, if it wasn't for one thing … Wanting to change your partner isn't a good sign. He is the person he is, not the person anyone else wants him to be. It's one thing wanting him to change some aspects, but if you're not really happy with who he is then you're not going to last. It shows that you're not in love with the real guy, just an image of your perfect man.


You Have Nagging Doubts

We often ignore the nagging doubts at the back of our mind because we really want to believe in this relationship. But having those doubts that won't go away suggests that you know underneath that you don't really have the right chemistry together. These feelings are there for a reason, so don't ignore them.


It's important to be honest with yourself. Listen to that inner voice that whispers when things just don't feel right. Those doubts could be fear, but they could also be intuition warning you of a mismatch. When you find yourself constantly questioning your happiness and compatibility with your partner, it's worth taking a step back. True chemistry feels effortless and doesn't seed continual uncertainty. Trust these feelings and consider them when evaluating the health and potential of your connection.


You Embarrass Each Other

Do you hate his jokes? Or does he complain that you embarrass him when you're drunk? If you embarrass each other it suggests that you're not really on the same wavelength. If you are, then you're more indulgent of each other, and also more considerate of the other person's feelings - so you wouldn't want to upset them.


Wildly Different Opinions

Some say opposites attract; others think that long-lasting relationships are built from shared values and outlook. If your opinions are very different from his, you could be on a different page as far as compatibility goes. Having a different outlook is fine if it doesn't lead to a fundamental clash, and if you have a healthy respect for the other person's opinions.


You Feel Uncomfortable Somehow

Something about him makes you feel uncomfortable, or you're conscious that you don't feel as at ease with him as you should. You know, maybe this guy isn't right for you. That doesn't mean that he's a bad guy, just that he's not the right one. You should feel totally comfortable with your partner.


Trust your intuition when you sense that unease. Chemistry is about that unspoken connection that makes you feel safe and understood without pretenses. If you constantly find yourself second-guessing his reactions or feeling on edge about conversations, it's a telltale sign that the natural flow of emotional chemistry is missing. True compatibility thrives on ease and comfort, where silence is just as comfortable as a lively discussion. If your interactions are more awkward than amiable, it may be time to reflect on what your gut is really telling you.


You Don't Have Much in Common

It's good for couples to each have their own interests. But if the interests that you actually share are very few, what does that tell you about chemistry? It's hard to go the distance in a relationship if you don't have many things you like to do together.


Shared values, hobbies, and interests serve as the cornerstone for meaningful connections. If you find yourselves constantly doing separate activities or struggling to enjoy each other's company during shared ones, the bond may weaken over time. Chemistry often hinges on the enthusiasm you both bring into shared experiences, creating memories and building a life together. Without these common threads, sustaining a relationship could become more of a challenge, as it may feel more like living parallel lives rather than intertwining them.


You've Never Felt That Spark

He can be a really nice guy, but if you don't feel a spark with him from early on then it isn't going to happen. If there is no chemistry with him, if he doesn't make you feel alive and excited to see him, the signs are not positive. This guy might be the perfect friend, but he's very unlikely to be the right partner for you.

The best relationships have both a romantic spark and a strong friendship. This makes them more likely to be durable. You can't force that spark! Have you dated someone you had no chemistry with?

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I feel like I have about 85% of these signs but i don't know what to do about it... 😣

Wow. I wish I had the time to dump him

7 is on point, dated a guy for 6 months without feeling that spark and had doubts while he was in love with me, big mistake to carry on for that long though i really wanted to get to Know him but the sparkles never came

Really good article! Wish I'd read this 4 years ago! (Not together now though obviously)

me too i also feel like i have all of this except for the last spark one other thn tht its all the same and me tol dont know wht to do abt it #Mercedes Anaya

Soon needed to read this ...

This is really really shallow. If you're dating for the long run, chemistry isn't important. It's commitment. I'm guessing this is for casual daters.

I agree long term relationships it's about commitment. I married my husband after knowing him two weeks and we still are building our relationship up. It's about unconditional commitment. #happilymarried

I just dumped my bf due to lack of chemistry. We make perfect friends but I'm constantly thinking about other guys & how he just isn't what I want long term.

I've just been friends with people all of my life. It's been the same group of guys all of my elementary and middle school years.

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