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Sometimes you’re with a man that doesn’t treat you as well as he should. This is a hard place to be. I understand because I’ve been there. I’ve was once with someone who had several of these personality traits but I can now tell you that a healthy relationship doesn’t have any of these issues. Dump your boyfriend if he has any of these traits, pronto!

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He’s Controlling

Healthy relationships are ones where neither party tries to control the other. If your boyfriend is controlling, that’s not a good thing. He should never try to control who you talk to or how long you’re away somewhere. He may have a dominant personality and enjoy taking the initiative in making plans for the two of you and that’s different. But true love gives freedom to make your own choices.


He’s Violent when He’s Angry

My heart hurts thinking about some of you that may be with a man like this. If you’re with a man that’s violent when he’s angry then you need to get away now. This stands even if he’s never been violent toward you. His temper could quickly turn. A man that’s violent when angry has anger management issues and that’s a red flag telling you there's potential for abuse.


He’s Outlandishly Flirtatious

You have to be careful here not to mistake friendliness for flirtatiousness. What you don’t want to see is your boyfriend is all over other women in front of you. He seems to undress other women with his eyes. He makes inappropriate comments such as telling another woman he’d love to take her out in front of you. This sort of outlandish flirting should have you dumping him STAT.


He Stays Lost in Self-Pity

We all have days where we feel sorry for ourselves. Life can get you down. But if you’re dating a man that’s stuck in self-pity and sees himself as always being the victim, no matter the situation, that’s not a good thing. Each of us needs to be able to take responsibility in our lives. A guy with a victim mentality doesn’t have a bright future.


When every hiccup in life is deemed as a personal attack, it becomes a draining experience for any partner. Worse yet is when these tendencies spiral into constantly blaming others for his troubles, never acknowledging his own role in his misfortunes. It's crucial for a healthy relationship to consist of two individuals who confront challenges head-on and grow from them rather than wallow in perpetual discontent. Growth is pivotal, and without it, you're signing up for a partnership that's more of a one-sided emotional labor than a mutual journey.


He’s Self-Centered

The fact that he wants to go golfing or to shoot pool every Saturday instead of hitting the mall with you doesn’t make him self-centered; it makes him a normal guy. What you want to be on the lookout for is a guy that never thinks of you or does thoughtful things to show he cares. He’s out for himself in every way. You have to ask yourself if you want a future with a guy like this. You deserve someone who loves you truly and wants what’s best for you. It’s okay to think of your own needs in a relationship but you should also think of your partner.


He Belittles You

If a man belittles you, kick him to the curb! Never tolerate a man that talks down to you or speaks to you in a degrading way. You’re better than that. Losing a boyfriend like this is no loss, ladies. Wait for the man who loves you and will treat you like a princess.


He Has a Major Problem with Jealousy

A little jealousy is cute. It shows that your boyfriend cares. Problem jealousy is over-the-top and senseless. It’s the kind where you can’t walk in a gas station and buy a soda without your boyfriend flipping out when a male cashier rings you up. If your boyfriend is like this, kick him to the curb.

These are 7 personality traits that you should dump your boyfriend over. Are you in a difficult relationship? I hope this article offers you encouragement to find a man who values you for the wonderful person you are!

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Ladies, run if you are with a man with even one if these issues. You will never be happy

He had all all :(

all red flags.

I noticed it on time, but it doesn't make it easier!

Is it bad if there a little obsessive?

Three strikes in this list. Oh god why

@AshLee Well than what is the girlfriend supposed to do? If there is even the slightest chance that he could turn his anger on her, then she needs to get out of that relationship as quickly as possible. If The worry is him turning violet when she tries to break up with her, then she should do it in a semi public place, where there are people around to interfere. I'm not suggesting that she scream it at a party, but doing it at a coffee shop or even just on a bench in the park might reduce the risk of her getting hurt

Is hard to leave someone liked that specially if there is kids but you can do it

This describes my ex to a T...

It's hard to see it when you're experiencing it first hand. But this is a great list to start recognizing the signs. No one should ever make you feel this way. Remember that always!

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