7 Subtle Signals Men Give when They're Unhappy ...


It’s not news that men and women are different. Men don’t show their unhappiness or dissatisfaction in the same ways that women do. Women are usually verbal about their feelings while men don’t want to come out and directly admit them. But they may display some of these signs to clue you in.

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He Doesn’t Text as Often

One sign men give when they’re feeling unhappy is not texting as much. The thing you have to figure out with any of these signs is if he’s unhappy about things in your relationship or if it’s unrelated. He could be unhappy over his grades, job situation or things in his family. If you do notice one of these signs, then you need to do the investigative work to figure out why he’s feeling that way.


He Seems Shut down

Guys tend to go silent when they’re stressed or unhappy. They don’t have a lot to say and may seem withdrawn. This is typical when a guy is stressed or unhappy. He’s got a lot on his mind and may be thinking or processing his feelings. Be available if he wants to talk but it’s good to give him the quiet he wants, too.


He Wants to Be Alone

If he wants to be alone, that can be a sign something’s up. Of course, we all need some alone time so it’s important not to jump to conclusions. The time you need to take notice is if it’s out of the ordinary for him. Even if he’s unhappy about something in your relationship, don’t panic. Things can still be worked out between the two of you if you take steps to fix them.


He May Make Snide Remarks

Men generally don’t love to share their feelings as openly as women do. Rather than address something directly, they’re more likely to make snide remarks. As long as he’s not directing his remarks at you, this can be somewhat of a good thing. It can offer you clues as to what he’s unhappy about. Of course, you should never tolerate him speaking to you unkindly.


He’s in a Bad Mood

This one’s not hard to figure out. It’s a pretty universal clue. If he’s unhappy about something then he’ll probably be in a bad mood, which is understandable. Women do the same thing. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking him what’s wrong to get to the bottom of it.


He’s More into His Friends than He Used to Be

If your guy is going out with his friends more than he used to, that could be a clue that he’s unhappy. It could be he’s avoiding you. It could also mean that he’s feeling very settled in your relationship. He may be confident enough in your relationship that he doesn’t feel the need to be with you constantly, which can be both a good and a bad thing. This is where you have to do some detective work and look at his other actions.


He’s Hinting That You Should Go Different Ways

This one’s really obvious. If he’s hinting you should go different ways, he’s definitely unhappy in your relationship. Although this is very difficult if you’re not feeling the same way, let him go. It’s okay to ask some questions to see what he’s specifically unhappy about. But if he’s got his mind made up, there’s sadly nothing you can do.

These are 7 signs men give when they’re feeling unhappy. Are you seeing any of these signs from your man? You’re always welcome to share!

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My bf hardly picks my calls nowadays , his excuse is that he's been busy . He hardly calls me because according to him he doesn't have call credit. We have been dating since I was 15 years and I'm 23 years now. We were childhood friends he didn't like calling even when we were friends. Please help me out

But mainly the thing is how to figure out exactly what the problem is if your guy is not ready to cooperate with you???

Then let him go...set him free!plenty of fishes in the sea!!!

Luisa I know how does it feels;'(

This kinda breaks my heart because I feel as if he's not happy but I don't want to let him go... Ugh! This sucks!

I think these are subtle signals that people give when they are unhappy.....man or woman....these are great things to pay attention to (in any relationship)

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