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Don't Mistake These 7 Things for Sexual Tension ...

By Holly

When you really like a guy, you might incorrectly interpret his actions, because you're seeing things the way you want to see them. That means that even if he hasn't been flirting with you at all, you'll assume that he has been. Of course, you don't want to twist his words and fool yourself into thinking that he has feelings that don't actually exist. You need to be careful, because it's easy to mistake these things for sexual tension:

1 Staring at Each Other
If he's staring at you, then yes, he might like you. However, he might've just noticed that you've been staring at him and is looking over to figure out why. You have to be careful, because you never know what his glances mean. He might be admiring your sexiness, or he might just be trying to figure out what on earth you're doing.

2 Grazing against Each Other

Grazing against Each Other When your arm brushes against your crush and a shiver crawls up your spine, don't assume that the sexual tension is off the charts. Even though the moment felt heavenly to you, it doesn't mean that your crush had the same reaction. If he continues walking right past you, like nothing happened, then the moment probably didn't mean all that much to him.

3 Catching Him Fidget

Catching Him Fidget Fidgeting can be a sign of nervousness, so if he's playing with his hair or twisting his jewelry while he's around you, it could mean he likes you. Of course, it could just be a force of habit. Aren't there things that you do without meaning to? He might just be passing the time.

4 Hearing Him Stumble over His Words

Hearing Him Stumble over His Words If he stumbles over his words when he talks to you, he might be nervous, because he's trying to impress you. Of course, he might just have trouble speaking in general. He might even be nervous, because he sees another girl looking at him from across the room. You never know.

5 Exchanging Dirty Jokes
If he's talking about sex, it might mean he's trying to seduce you. Of course, it might just mean that he has a dirty mind. Most boys do. If you hear him telling his guy friends the same joke he told you earlier in the day, then it probably doesn't mean anything. It's just the way that he talks.

6 Laughing at Each Other's Jokes

Laughing at Each Other's Jokes When you like a guy, you'll laugh at everything that comes out of his mouth. Some boys do the same thing. Of course, he might genuinely think that you're hysterical. If not, then he might just politely laugh at everyone's jokes to be respectful. It doesn't necessarily mean that he wants you to have his babies.

7 Sharing Comfortable Silences

Sharing Comfortable Silences Comfortable silences are always a good sign. Of course, you can have them with close friends and family members. They don't necessarily mean that he has feelings for you. He might just like you as a friend.

All of these things could be signs of sexual tension, but they could also be normal occurrences. It all depends on the situation at hand, so make sure you think about it carefully. Do you think that your crush likes you back?

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