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Sexy Things You Can do to Him in the Bedroom ...

By Holly

If you and your man are sexually active, then there are plenty of hot things that you can do to turn him on. Even though every guy is different, there are a few things that are universally loved by the male gender. With that in mind, here are a few sexy things you can do to him in the bedroom:

1 Give Him a Lap Dance

Give Him a Lap Dance You don't have to be as skilled as the women who give out lap dances for a living. As long as you straddle your man to music and grind your hips, you won't hear any complaints from him.

2 Give Oral

human action, black and white, person, image, monochrome photography, If you're not in the mood for penetrative sex, then you can still get on your knees and give him a treat. Don't worry, because he's bound to return the favor.

3 Bring Food into the Bedroom

Bring Food into the Bedroom You don't want to get any food near your genitals, but you can smear it all over the rest of your body. So break out the whip cream and cherries.

4 Send Him Sexy Photos

Send Him Sexy Photos If you're out of the house, and he's in bed alone, you can always send him some sexy photos. That way, he'll feel like you're sitting right beside him.

5 Blindfold Him

Blindfold Him If you aren't afraid of getting a little kinky, you can blindfold your man. Then he won't know when and where you're going to kiss him next.

6 Massage Him

Massage Him Everybody loves to be pampered. If you want to help him relax, you can start by giving him a shoulder massage and working your way down.

7 Talk Dirty

human action, face, nose, person, black and white, Words can be as much of a turn on as looks can. That's why you should whisper all of the naughty things you want to do to him.

8 Get on Top

white, black, photograph, black and white, man, During sex, don't make him do all of the work. Every once in a while, you should climb on top of him.

9 Play a Sexy Board Game

Play a Sexy Board Game There are plenty of sexual board games you can buy. If you're too embarrassed to do that, you can always settle for playing strip poker.

10 Put Sensual Music on

human action, person, human positions, black and white, sitting, The right music can set the mood. That's why you should look up a sexy playlist and blast it in the bedroom.

11 Let Him Take Control

Let Him Take Control Men like to have the illusion of control. If you feel like being lazy, tell him that he can have his way with you.

12 Take Control of Him

Take Control of Him If you have a burst of energy and want to be the one to make the decisions, then it's your turn to take control. He definitely won't mind.

13 Pole Dance

dance, performing arts, sports, aerialist, pole dance, You can actually install a pole in your bedroom and put on a little show for your partner. He'll be impressed.

14 Strip Tease

Strip Tease Put on some music and take your clothes off in front of him. It's not hard to do, but it'll make him hard.

15 Tease Him with Kisses

Tease Him with Kisses The more you tease him, the more he'll want to kiss you.

16 Take Photos Together

screenshot, audience, singing, HEin, ncomese, You don't have to take sexy photos alone. You two can get together on the bed and take some snapshots together.

17 Put a Mirror on the Ceiling

Put a Mirror on the Ceiling If you want to watch yourselves get down and dirty, then you should place mirrors around the room. It'll make sex feel sexier than ever.

There are millions of sexy things you can do to your man in the bedroom. Get creative! What's the sexiest thing you've ever done?

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