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These 7 Things Don't Make You a Prude ...

By Holly

If you've ever seen the movie The Breakfast Club, you've heard this quote about sex: "Well, if you say you haven't, you're a prude. If you say you have you're a slut." Well, even though that's the way it seems to go in high school and college, that shouldn't be the case. Here are a few things that don't actually mean you're a prude:

1 Being a Virgin

Being a Virgin Don't feel bad if you're a virgin or if you've never been kissed. It doesn't make you a prude. You should wait until you're completely comfortable with a boy before you decide to let him get intimate with your body. Some women sleep with men on the first date, but others will wait years to get naked in front of the man that they've been seeing. Move at whatever pace you're comfortable with.

2 Wearing Conservative Clothing

Wearing Conservative Clothing Some women love to wear miniskirts and shirts that show cleavage. Other women feel more confident in turtle necks and jeans. There's nothing wrong with either type of style. After all, your clothing has nothing to do with your sexuality. A girl can wear tight clothes and be a virgin, just like a sexually active woman could walk around in layers.

3 Turning a Boy down

Turning a Boy down If you don't like someone, then you shouldn't go out with him or make-out with him. Rejecting him doesn't make you a prude. Who would sleep with someone that they didn't like? It just doesn't make any sense. When the right guy comes along, then you'll change your tune, but for now, there's nothing wrong with staying single.

4 Not Masturbating

Not Masturbating Masturbating is healthy for you, so you shouldn't hesitate to touch yourself. Of course, not every girl feels the need for a release. If you aren't masturbating, then there's nothing wrong with you. Besides, it's no one's business if you masturbate or not. That's a private affair.

5 Expecting Respect

Expecting Respect You're not a prude for respecting yourself and expecting others to do the same. You have every right to be upset if your crush begs you for nudes or sends you a random dick pic. You're allowed to be upset if you find out that someone has been using you for sex, as well. It's healthy to think highly of yourself. You should know that you deserve better than some sex-crazed guy.

6 Not Having One-night Stands

Not Having One-night Stands Some women are comfortable sleeping with a man and never seeing him again. Other women want to develop emotional connections with their partners. That means they'll only sleep with someone that they're serious about. Even though one-night stands are becoming more popular by the day, that doesn't mean you should engage in them. Do whatever makes you the happiest, and if that means saving yourself for a serious relationship, go for it.

7 Not Partying

Not Partying Even though people tend to hook up at parties, there's no real correlation between getting drunk and getting laid. You can prefer to stay sober, even though you like to have sex. Likewise, you could enjoy drinking, even though you aren't ready to have sex yet. The two things aren't actually related, even though everyone assumes that they are.

Don't be embarrassed if others consider you a prude, because they don't know what they're talking about. Have you ever been called a prude before?

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