17 Ways to Guarantee You'll Be the Best Sex He's Ever Had ...


17 Ways to Guarantee You'll Be the Best Sex He's Ever Had ...
17 Ways to Guarantee You'll Be the Best Sex He's Ever Had ...

If you're sexually active, you're probably wondering if you're the best sex your man has ever had. Even if you aren't yet, you can be. All you have to do is tweak your techniques a bit. Here are a few ways to be the best sex he's ever had:

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Listen to His Moans

black,black and white,person,human positions,sitting, He's not going to moan, unless he likes what you're doing. That's why you should pay attention to what he responds best to and continue doing it.


When it comes to pleasuring your partner, it's important to listen to his moans and pay attention to what he responds best to. Doing this will ensure that you are giving him the best experience possible. This can include different techniques like using your hands, mouth, or other body parts to stimulate him. Pay attention to his body language and breathing to determine what he likes and to make sure he is comfortable. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. With a little bit of practice, you can guarantee that you will be the best sex he's ever had.


Ask Him What He Wants

black,white,black and white,person,photography, Having a conversation with him about sex is the easiest thing in the world, but many girls are too embarrassed to do it. Of course, if you ask him what he likes in the bedroom, you won't have to guess and check anymore.


Asking him what he wants in the bedroom can be a great way to make sure you are giving him the best sexual experience. It can also help you understand what kind of pleasure he enjoys, so that you can make the experience even better for him. Doing this can also help to build trust and intimacy in your relationship, as it shows that you are open to communicating about sex. Additionally, it can help to reduce any awkwardness or pressure you may have about the subject, as it gives you an opportunity to openly discuss what you both like and don’t like. Asking your partner what he wants is an easy and effective way to ensure you are giving him the best sex he’s ever had.

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Go down on Him

person,white,photograph,black and white,human positions, Men like to be pampered, which is why you should occasionally make it all about him. Just make sure that he returns the favor, because you deserve attention as much as he does.


For men, going down on them can be one of the most pleasurable experiences. When you go down on him, take your time and explore his body with your tongue, paying attention to all the spots that make him moan. Use your hands to massage him and your mouth to tease him. This can be a great way to build anticipation and pleasure for both of you.

When going down on him, remember to use lubrication. Lube can help you move your mouth and tongue more smoothly, and it can also help stimulate him in a way that feels better. Experiment with different speeds, pressures, and techniques to find out what he likes best.

You can also use props to make the experience even more enjoyable. Try using flavored lubes, edible body paint, and even flavored condoms to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Finally, make sure to communicate with him throughout the experience. Ask him what he likes and what he doesn't like. This can help you understand his body better and give him the pleasure he desires.

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Get on Top of Him

human action,person,black and white,human positions,photography, Don't make him do all of the work. You can move your hips just as well as he can.


In order to be the best sex partner your partner has ever had, you need to take an active role in the bedroom. Don't just let him do all the work - use your hips to move and match his rhythm. This will help to create an even more pleasurable experience for both of you and ensure that your partner remembers you as the best sex he's ever had. To take it one step further, try getting on top of him and taking the lead. This will give you more control and allow you to experiment with different positions and techniques.

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Tease Him Beforehand

black,white,black and white,darkness,monochrome photography, The more you tease him, the more he'll want you. That means the sex will be extra amazing.


Teasing your partner is one of the best ways to guarantee you'll be the best sex he's ever had. It's a great way to build anticipation and make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Teasing can be done in many different ways, such as through flirting, by talking about what you want to do to him, or by sending suggestive texts or photos. Teasing can also be done through physical contact, such as tickling, touching, or kissing.

The key to teasing your partner is to do it in a way that is playful and not too aggressive. You want to make sure that your partner is comfortable and that you're both having fun. Teasing can be a great way to build sexual tension and make the experience even more pleasurable.

When teasing your partner, it's important to be aware of their boundaries and to respect them. If your partner isn't comfortable with certain kinds of teasing, it's best to respect their wishes and find other ways to build sexual tension.

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Wear Something Sexy

black,white,black and white,photograph,photography, There are plenty of places for you to buy lingerie. You'll feel amazing in it and it's bound to turn your man on.


Lingerie is a great way to spice up any relationship. Wearing something sexy for your partner can make them feel desired and appreciated. It can also give you a confidence boost, making you feel sexy and attractive.

When shopping for lingerie, it’s important to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Look for pieces that flatter your body type and make you feel sexy. Don’t be afraid to try different styles and colors, and don’t be afraid to be daring.

It’s also important to choose lingerie that fits properly. If the lingerie is too tight or too loose, it won’t look as flattering. Make sure to buy pieces that fit your body type and are comfortable.

When wearing lingerie, it’s important to remember that you’re wearing it for yourself, not just for your partner. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and confident. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors.

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Use Toys

human action,hair,person,black and white,monochrome photography, Toys aren't hard to find. Buy some and test them out with your partner.


Toys can be a great way to spice up your sex life and guarantee you'll be the best sex your partner has ever had. Not only can using toys add new and exciting sensations, but it can also help to build intimacy and trust between you and your partner. When shopping for toys, make sure to choose ones that fit your needs and comfort level. Be sure to read reviews and check the safety guidelines before use. Don't be afraid to experiment and find out what works best for you and your partner. With a little bit of creativity, you'll be the best sex your partner has ever had!

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Touch Him All over

black,white,black and white,person,human positions, Don't make the mistake of only touching him on the lips and genitals. There are plenty of other spots he'd love to have touched, like his back and collarbone.


When it comes to sex, it's important to remember that there is more to it than just the lips and genitals. Not only are there plenty of other areas that can be explored, but it's also important to pay attention to the spots that your partner enjoys being touched. For instance, the back and collarbone are two areas that are often overlooked, but can be incredibly sensitive and pleasurable when touched.

In addition to those areas, you can also explore the chest, neck, and inner thighs. These areas can be incredibly stimulating and can help to increase pleasure for both parties. It's also important to remember to use your hands, as well as your mouth, to explore your partner's body. Using your hands to caress and massage your partner can help to increase their pleasure and create a more intimate connection between the two of you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that communication is key. Talk to your partner about what they enjoy and what makes them feel good. Ask them to help guide you and show you what they like. This will help to ensure that you are both getting the most out of your sexual experience.

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Find the Perfect Location

black,white,person,black and white,photograph, Sex won't be the best if you're on a creaky, uncomfortable couch. That's why you should find a nice location for lovemaking.


Finding the perfect location for lovemaking is essential for having the best possible sexual experience. Whether it’s a hotel room, a romantic getaway, or even your own bedroom, it’s important to make sure the environment is comfortable and inviting. A creaky, uncomfortable couch is not conducive to a great experience, so make sure to find a place with comfortable furniture that will help set the mood.

If you’re looking for something extra special, consider booking a hotel room for the night. Not only will it give you the privacy you need, but many hotels also offer amenities such as jacuzzis, saunas, and even massage services. If you’re looking for a more romantic setting, consider renting a cabin in the woods or booking a stay at a bed and breakfast.

When it comes to your own bedroom, make sure to take the time to spruce it up. Clear away any clutter, light some candles, and add some romantic music. You can also add some special touches, such as rose petals or a bottle of champagne. This will help create an intimate atmosphere that will make it easier to relax and enjoy yourself.

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Let Him Hear You Moan

human action,person,black and white,monochrome photography,mouth, Men like to know that their partners are having a good time. That's why you should moan when you like what he's doing.


Letting him hear you moan is a simple yet effective way to make sure he knows you're enjoying yourself. Moaning is a natural response to pleasure, and it can be incredibly arousing for both partners. It's also a sign of trust and intimacy, as it allows you to show your partner what you like and don't like. Plus, it's a great way to keep the momentum going and make sure you both stay in the moment. So don't be afraid to let loose and let him hear you moan!

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Switch Things up Frequently

human action,person,black and white,black,kiss, If you use the same moves all the time, he'll get bored. Switch things up whenever you can.


Mixing up your moves in the bedroom is one of the best ways to ensure you're giving your partner the best experience possible. Try different positions, speeds, and locations to keep your partner interested and engaged. Experiment with different levels of intimacy, such as kissing, caressing, and exploring each other's bodies. If you want to really spice things up, try incorporating sex toys or role-playing. With a little creativity and exploration, you can guarantee you'll be the best sex your partner has ever had.

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Act like You’re into It

black,black and white,person,human positions,man, Men respond well to enthusiasm. If you look like you're having a good time, then he's going to have a good time.


When it comes to pleasing your partner in the bedroom, it's important to act like you're into it. Men respond well to enthusiasm and energy, so if you are showing that you are enjoying yourself, chances are he will too. Showing your enthusiasm can be done through body language, facial expressions, and vocal cues. Make sure to keep your body language open and inviting. Use your facial expressions to communicate your pleasure and use your voice to show your pleasure. This will encourage your partner to keep going and help him to feel more confident in his performance. Additionally, don’t be afraid to give verbal cues and compliments to your partner. Tell him what you like and what you find pleasurable. This type of positive reinforcement will make him feel more confident and help him to give you the best experience possible.

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Get in Shape

black,black and white,person,human positions,photography, The more fit and flexible you are, the easier it'll be for you to pleasure him in the bedroom.


Maintaining a healthy level of physical fitness can be beneficial in many aspects of life, especially in the bedroom. Getting in shape can help you have more stamina and strength for activities in the bedroom. It can also help you be more flexible, enabling you to try out different positions that may be more pleasurable for both you and your partner.

Regular exercise improves circulation and increases blood flow to the genitals, which can help you become aroused more quickly and experience more intense orgasms. Exercise can also help reduce stress, boost your confidence, and make you feel more attractive and desirable.

Strength training can also help you become more aware of your body and how it moves, which can help you become more in tune with your partner and their pleasure. It can also help you become more aware of your own pleasure and how to communicate it to your partner.

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be a chore. Find an activity or sport that you enjoy and make it part of your regular routine. Exercise can be fun and when done regularly, can help you look and feel great in the bedroom.

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Do Kegels

black and white,human positions,muscle,soldier,monochrome photography, How do you do Kegels? Just find the muscles you use to hold in your pee and clench and unclench them. That's all it takes!


Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve sexual performance. These exercises involve contracting and releasing the muscles of the pelvic floor, which can help with bladder control, sexual arousal, and orgasm. By doing Kegels regularly, you can make sure you are the best sex he's ever had.

Kegel exercises can be done anywhere, anytime, without anyone even knowing. All you have to do is find the muscles you use to hold in your pee and clench and unclench them. This can be done while sitting, standing, or lying down. It is important to remember to breathe normally while doing Kegels and to not hold your breath.

Kegel exercises can be done by both men and women. For men, doing Kegels can help with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. For women, Kegels can help with bladder control, sexual arousal, and orgasm.

Kegel exercises can be done for a few minutes a day, or even a few times a day. It is important to remember to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of the exercises. You should also focus on tightening your pelvic floor muscles and not your stomach or thighs.

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Help Him Put on the Condom

human action,person,black and white,face,nose, Make safe sex more fun by helping him roll the condom onto his body.


If you want to guarantee that you’ll be the best sex he’s ever had, then it’s important to make sure that you practice safe sex. One way to do this is to help him put on the condom. This can be a fun and intimate moment as you help him to roll the condom onto his body. It will also make it easier for him to put on the condom correctly and ensure that it is secure.

When helping him to put on the condom, make sure that you check the expiration date and that there aren’t any rips or tears in the packaging. Additionally, make sure that you use the right kind of lubricant, as some lubricants can cause the condom to break.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re using the right size condom. If the condom is too tight, it can be uncomfortable and can even break. If it’s too loose, it won’t be as effective in preventing pregnancy or the transmission of STIs.

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Talk Dirty to Him

black and white,black,monochrome photography,darkness,monochrome, You can turn him on with your voice, you know. Tell him how attractive he is and how badly you want him.


Talking dirty to your partner can be a great way to spice up the bedroom. It can be a powerful way to show your partner how attractive you find them and how badly you want them. Not only can talking dirty be a fun and exciting way to add to your sex life, it can also help to build intimacy and trust between the two of you. To make the most of talking dirty, try to be creative and use descriptive language to make your partner feel desired. Be sure to keep it fun and playful, and don't be afraid to be a little daring. With a little practice, you'll be sure to be the best sex he's ever had.

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Leave the Lights on

black and white,photograph,image,monochrome photography,monochrome, He wants to see your gorgeous body. Don't turn the lights off out of embarrassment, because you're a beautiful woman!

If you want to be the best sex he's ever had, you need to follow these tips! Do you have any more advice for sexually active women?

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