17 Types of Dates That Will Build Sexual Tension ...

By Holly

17 Types of Dates That Will Build Sexual Tension ...

If you're lucky enough to go out on the town with your crush, you need to pick the right location to spend the night. If you go somewhere bland and boring, the date is bound to be a dud. That's why you should think things through before you settle on plans. Here are a few different dates that'll build the sexual tension:

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Couple's Yoga

Couple's Yoga Seeing you do the downward dog is definitely going to make him think of something dirty. After all, you look amazing in your tight little yoga pants.



Skydiving Did you know it's best to go on a date that'll give you both an adrenaline rush? When that happens, you're more likely to feel arousal and attraction.

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Beach Date

Beach Date You'll both be half-naked in your bathing suits, which means some sexual things are bound to cross your minds.

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Dance Class

Dance Class Slow dancing is romantic. After all, your bodies will be pressed against each other.

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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting A little bit of wine can set the mood. After drinking a glass or two, you'll both be ready to kiss.

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Cooking Class

Cooking Class You've seen movies where couples throw flour at each other and eat chocolate off of each other's fingers. What's better foreplay than that?

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human action, person, human positions, sitting, leg, The gym can fill you with adrenaline. That's why it's another great place to go when you want to build the sexual tension.

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Amusement Park

Amusement Park Here's another way to get your adrenaline pumping. One ride on a roller coaster will get you in the right frame of mind.

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Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie Shopping You don't have to model the lingerie for him. When he sees you looking at a certain piece, he'll be able to imagine you wearing it in his mind.

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Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill Everyone knows that this is code for sex. That's why watching a movie with him by your side is a surefire way to build sexual tension.

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Clubbing If you end up grinding on each other, it'll be impossible to think of anything but sex. After all, you're basically doing it with your clothes still on.

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Picnic with Aphrodisiacs

Picnic with Aphrodisiacs Certain foods can cause you to get in the mood. Put together a picnic that involves those foods, like watermelon and chocolate.

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Spa Taking your clothes off to get a couple's massage will make you feel sensual. When you get out of the spa, you'll both be ready to hop into bed together.

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interaction, romance, obal, ARMIE, HAMMER, If you two are bookworms, you can browse through the library. Head straight to the erotic novel section if you want to spark some sexy conversations.

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Stargaze If you lay out on a blanket together to watch the stars, you're bound to end up kissing. After all, there's nothing more romantic than that!

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Movie Theater

Movie Theater You've seen couples making out in the middle of a movie theater before. That's because the dim lights and romantic soundtrack can put anyone in the mood.

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Laser Tag

Laser Tag This is another date that can get your adrenaline pumping. That means you two are bound to get worked up.

These dates will create so much sexual tension you won't be able to take it! Have you ever been on a date with plenty of sexual tension? Where did you two go?

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If a guy ever take me skydiving not only am I not gonna jump, I'm never letting him pick an activity for us ever. Again.

Such fun!

Great ideas!

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