Dump Your BF if He Has These Personality Traits ...


Sometimes you’re with a man that doesn’t treat you as well as he should. This is a hard place to be. I understand because I’ve been there. I’ve was once with someone who had several of these personality traits but I can now tell you that a healthy relationship doesn’t have any of these issues. Dump your boyfriend if he has any of these traits, pronto!

1. He’s Controlling

Healthy relationships are ones where neither party tries to control the other. If your boyfriend is controlling, that’s not a good thing. He should never try to control who you talk to or how long you’re away somewhere. He may have a dominant personality and enjoy taking the initiative in making plans for the two of you and that’s different. But true love gives freedom to make your own choices.

He’s Violent when He’s Angry


He had all all :(
Three strikes in this list. Oh god why
My husband is just like this.. I think i need to love myself more
Zelig Martina
Well what if some of these personality traits showed up over time in a woman too .. There is always 2 sides to a coin! This goes for a woman too!
I was with someone like this for FIVE years..sad, I know. I finally gathered up enough courage to end it in March and although it was a scary thing for me to do, I've never felt more free. If any of y...
Ladies, run if you are with a man with even one if these issues. You will never be happy
Amy N
Jessica Lowndes!
I don't have a boyfriend T-T
Danyi Toval
This describes my ex to a T...
I noticed it on time, but it doesn't make it easier!
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