6 Golden Rules for First Date Success ...


6 Golden Rules for First Date Success ...
6 Golden Rules for First Date Success ...

Want to know the golden rules for a successful first date? He finally gathered enough courage to ask you out or you asked him out and he said yes. The first date is kind of a big deal, especially if you are hoping for a second one. And whether you like to admit it or not, if you are going out with someone you really like you will get stressed. Instead of stressing over it though, follow these simple golden rules for a successful first date.

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girl, fashion, photo shoot, Watch it! On the first date, we are talking about dressing not undressing. Don’t wear anything overly revealing. Try something sexy but subtle. Decide from the beginning what you would like him to notice, what are your strong features. You want him to notice your legs, try a dress but one that is not extremely short and make sure not to show much cleavage and your legs at the same time, Pick one. One is enough to catch his attention and at the same time make you feel beautiful. Keep your accessories and your make up simple as well. That's one of the most important golden rules for a successful first date.


Accessorize thoughtfully to enhance your outfit. A statement necklace or a pair of chic earrings can elevate your look without overpowering it. It's crucial to strike a balance that showcases personality without seeming excessively ornate. Remember, simplicity can often be a secret weapon in style. When in doubt, opt for classic pumps or a pair of comfortable flats that blend elegance and function, especially if you anticipate a walk or standing for prolonged periods. Your comfort is paramount; discomfort can distract and detract from the experience for both of you.



song, photo caption, public relations, event, Men like to hear us talk but not so much as to not let him utter a single word. Talk calmly, with humor and a hint of flirtation. Avoid talking about past relationships and don’t gossip. The point of the date is to get to know each other so let him talk, ask questions and answer his but in a simple, short way. Don’t answer every question he asks with an entire story. Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you.


Engage in light conversation that makes space for both of you to shine. Deliver your words with confidence, but ensure you're not monopolizing the conversation. Display genuine interest in his anecdotes; a balanced dialogue fosters a meaningful connection. Remember, the sparkle of shared laughter can be magical. Be mindful not only of what you say but how you say it—maintain a positive tone that invites further discussion. Keep away from heavy topics that may dampen the mood; the aim is to leave him intrigued and wanting more, not overwhelmed by the weight of heavy discourse.



girl, midnight, screenshot, scene, product, Men are visual beings. You might talk for hours but what will catch his attention more is the movements you are making. The way you might push your hair back, touch your lips or lean toward him to tell him something will be the things he will remember most about you the next day.


To channel the power of non-verbal communication, be mindful of the elegance in your gestures. A delicate hand-on-table placement or a subtly playful foot tap can convey both confidence and interest. While engaging in conversation, nodding emphatically demonstrates that you’re invested in what he's saying. But remember, authenticity is key—your movements should feel natural, not rehearsed. After all, it's the genuine spontaneity that often makes the deepest impression.


The Place of the Date

human, girl, fun, product, If he asks you to choose a place for your date, make the right choice. Avoid the movie theater (remember the point is to get to know each other, so being in a dark place where you can’t talk for two hours straight is not the best choice), bars and clubs with loud music, a place where you know your friends will be and extremely expensive restaurants. Try a nice, relatively quiet bar or coffee shop or take a walk to the beach or the park. Whatever you do, choose a place where you will be comfortable and you will have a good time.


When you're deciding on the locale, think about the vibe you want to set. A cozy coffee shop with a warm ambiance allows for intimate conversation where you can truly engage. Alternatively, a casual stroll in a scenic park can set a relaxed tone, with nature providing a serene backdrop perfect for opening up to each other. If you're both into culture, a quiet art gallery or museum could be enlightening. The key is to pick a spot that feels personal and inviting — a place where both of you can feel at ease and connection can bloom naturally.


The First Move

nose, kiss, girl, cheek, interaction, Although it sounds outdated, the truth is that men like to be the ones that make the first move. Especially when it comes to the first kiss. There are exceptions of course but in general, they like to feel in control. Not that he will complain if you make the first move but if you let him take this step first you will boost his confidence.


It's not just about tradition; it's a subtle game of courtship. Men often equate the pursuit with their level of interest and commitment to a potential relationship. By allowing him the space to chase, you're also giving him the opportunity to show you how he feels. That being said, every situation is unique and if the moment feels right for you to lean in for that kiss, then trust your instincts. Confidence is attractive, and if you're feeling bold, your move could ignite an even greater spark.


After the Date

music artist, computer wallpaper, singer, girl, Let him be the one to call or text you for the second date and when he does don’t rush to answer him. If he texts wait for a couple of hours before answering and if he calls don’t answer on the first ring. It will sound like you were spending the day looking at your phone. And if he asks to meet at a time that you have plans, don’t cancel your plans for him. Tell him you have something else to do and ask him if you can move your second date to another time. He won’t be turned off, he will appreciate the fact that you are not one of those women who will get clingy in the future.

Many relationships never even start because of a disastrous first date. While a first date should be exciting and fun, a lot of times it ends up stressful and a complete disaster. Before you go on your first date, take some time to get ready and relax. Follow these simple rules and it will be great.

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