Completely 💯 Foolproof Ways 📖 to Know 🤔 if You're the One ☝️ ...


Hello Sugas! Are you looking for some foolproof ways to know you're the one? We've discussed in great length if HE is the one. The next question naturally has to be, are YOU the one? Well, the easiest way to determine this is by his behavior. No matter how immature, childish, or foolish a man is, he will make sure the woman he values, knows she is valued. In this case, my loves, either you got him or you don’t.

BUT, if he is already at least semi-serious about you, there are things that will convince him you are heaven sent! And there are things about you, that will keep him wondering if he can do better. He’ll keep you around, but the relationship will experience very little progression. This is the land of two years of dating without a commitment, ten or more years of “just his girlfriend”, and even a five year long “engagement” that never reaches an alter. Alright, let’s get into it. Here are the top 5 foolproof ways to know YOU’RE The One!

Ready? Set. Go!

1. You KNOW Who You Are!

Knowing who you are is one of the top foolproof ways to know you're the one. It is impossible to be the one if you’re going through an identity crisis, finding yourself, or between the fork and the road! You can’t be anyone’s One, if your look, ideas, ambitions, goals, and theology change semi-daily.

Also, every man wants to be the man of your dreams. He wants to be what you want, not what you ended up with. How can you choose or be chosen by the right “type” of man, when you really don’t know what “type” of woman you are??

AND you can’t be The One if you’re wandering this earth with no direction, no purpose, and ultimately no goals. And if you have no goals, how can he know that the goals you eventually get will be conducive to his own??

Plus, knowing who you are builds confidence! If you don’t know who are, you’ll lack self worth, value, and positive self image, and worse, you won’t see your originality, and neither will he.

Your Motives Are Pure
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