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Wonderful Signs He Really is the One ...

By Kemberly

Do you really want to know if your man is the one? What are the signs he really is the one? Being in a relationship involves a lot of drama, but being with someone you are compatible with may lessen the conflicts.

A healthy relationship fits, he makes sense in your life and he has an effortless quality about him. It does not mean that both of you are perfect and everything is always exciting. It’s all in the way the two of you talk about your relationship.

When you are with your man, it is almost inevitable that you will ask yourself, “Could he be the one?” at some point. To help you decide if truly you’re meant to be with him, check these four best signs he really is the one.

1 You "just Know" when You Meet the One

First and foremost, let us talk about this “just knowing” aspect, which is one of the best signs he really is the one. What does it mean to “just know” he’s the one for you? You will know that he is the right fit when your attraction goes beyond just mere excitement about being in a relationship with him. It even goes beyond lust. It goes beyond wanting to get a “relationship title.”

There is a quality to your relationship with him and how you interact that just fits. It just feels real and home to you. If that’s the case for you, then it is one of the great indicators that he could be the one.

2 You Communicate with Him Genuinely

Another indicator is when neither of you is wearing a mask nor trying to be someone else to impress the other person. Neither of you is scared to be exactly the way you are, and both of you totally accept each other - not for who you could be or will be someday, but for who you are now.

Communicating without a mask means communicating authentically. If he is truly the one, it is likely that both of you share important parts of yourself that you don’t share with anyone else. In a relationship where you can be honest, you won’t mind not looking perfect.


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3 You Enjoy Simply Being with Him

One of the best indicators he is the one is that you enjoy him. It may sound like we are over-simplifying things, but the fact is that great relationships are simple. The only reason why some people think relationships are difficult is that they are trying so hard to force it to work when it is just not going to. Doomed relationships are likely the ones where the “it’s complicated” mantra comes in.

Being in a relationship with The One means you enjoy your conversations with him, you’re proud of him in social settings, you think of him when he’s not around, you enjoy the physical intimacy, and you enjoy your everyday routine with him.
In short, you have fun when you’re with him.

4 You Both Handle Conflict as a Team

Aside from just enjoyment, a great relationship is about you understanding that he cares for you and knowing how he manifests it. Because when you know and understand him, you will know how to deal with.

You have to bear in mind that great relationships also have disputes and disagreements. The good thing is that if both of you are meant for each other, you are still a team, even in arguments and the good of the person far outweighs the bad. True love keeps no records of wrong.

If you are in a relationship with the above mentioned indicators, then surely he is the one for you. Girl, don’t let go of him!

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