7 Foolproof Ways 💯to Shut down 💁Disrespectful Men on Dating Apps 📱 ...


Ignore it, people say. Block him, they tell you. There are so many disrespectful guys on dating apps, however, that ignoring it and blocking him get tiring. Besides, that doesn't even work all the time. Some dudes are more than happy to find you in other places around social media, while others will actually set up new accounts just to continue with their trash. Besides, after a while, it's like telling a guy with a small penis that he's hung like a horse – it does nothing to eliminate the problem, but rather makes it easier for these awful gentlemen to continue acting like fools who don't know any better. Once it reaches a certain point, some women just want to give it back in spades. Your choice is entirely up to you, of course, but in the event that you want to shut down the most disrespectful examples you come across, here you go.

1. If You Get a Dick Pic, Send a Dick Pic

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Dick pics are so prevalent on dating apps. It's ridiculous. Some guys will send them right at the beginning, others share them at the most random points during the conversation. Sometimes they ask, which is nice, and sometimes they send them even if you say no, which isn't so nice. There's a viral story going around about a woman who had the perfect solution to this, and I'm a firm advocate of this method. That is, if you get an unsolicited picture of peen, send back a similar photograph. Google to your heart's content. Inundate his inbox with throbbing, fleshy erections.

Take a Screenshot and Send It to the Ladies in His Life


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Great ideas- I have tried the kindness and some men just do not listen. Yes I have had issues with a man I wish I could earn everyone in Houston about!! He uses and manipulates women's all the time- uses his looks and charms perfectly
#1 is so funny 😂😂
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