7 Essential Tips for Girls Who Want to Propose to Their Boyfriends ...


7 Essential Tips for Girls Who Want to Propose to Their Boyfriends ...
7 Essential Tips for Girls Who Want to Propose to Their Boyfriends ...

Listen, sweetie, it's 2016. If you want to propose to your boyfriend, rather than waiting for him to pop the question, why not go for it? You'll want to be a little prepared, though, before you propose, and I've got a few handy tips for you.

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Don't Steal His Thunder

person, athlete, profession, jockey, If you think he's on the verge of proposing, don't steal his thunder by racing to ask him first. Wait and see if he does ask, and if not, then move forward with your own proposal.


Plan Ahead

person, profession, singer, singing, have, Like anything else, a proposal will go more smoothly if you plan ahead, at least a little. Think about how and where you'll ask, and what you might actually say.


Make It Special...

person, cartoon, profession, It's, all, If your man's a bit of a romantic, then make the proposal really special. Maybe choose a theme, or go all-out and make it a complete event.


... or Not?

cartoon, bedtime, comics, rodent, AW!, If he's not a romantic, or if he's an introvert, make the proposal in private, more of an intimate affair.


Ask His Mom

person, blond, profession, Get, Loser, Why not turn the tradition of him asking your father for permission on its head, and ask his mother for her approval? I think this is such a sweet idea! Take her out for a day of lunch and shopping, then ask for her son's hand in marriage (but don't call her a loser, though).


Go "Traditional"

person, emotion, Will, you, marry, In fact, why not make the proposal in the time-honored traditional way, with a ring (or other jewelry, like a nice watch or cufflinks) and get on a bended knee?


Be Prepared...

person, speech, profession, NOPE,, NO,, As with any other proposal, there's a chance the intended may say no. Be prepared for this, but also know that even if he does turn you down, it's not necessarily the end of the relationship. Find out why, and move on from there.

Have you popped the question before? Do you have any other tips to share for proposing to your boyfriend?

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Thank you!!! Bc it's Nice to know some people in this world think it's OK to propose to boyfriend

That's cool to see that times are changing, however, I am old fashioned I guess when it comes to things like this. I would rather my man propose to me/ask me out. 😊😋

propose to ur boyfriend? if it isn't meant to be then girl move on.

I did I bought a tin box of peppermints hid a ring inside on Christmas told him to open it when he did find it he looked confused and weird I. Asked he said he wasn't ready for something like that i said ok he still kept. The ring and we are no longer together. He just wasn't the right one but ill never do that again.

Propose to your boyfriend?? Haha never

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