How to Get a Guy to Chase You over Text ...


How to Get a Guy to Chase You over Text ...
How to Get a Guy to Chase You over Text ...

Playing flirty games 😗 with a guy you like is half the fun of dating, especially in the early stages. You don't want to keep playing games as things start to get more serious, of course, but in the beginning, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get and keep his attention. This is especially true over text messages 📱since so many guys seem to forget how to reply. Some of them even take great pleasure in making girls 👩 chase after them. Bummer, right? You can turn the tables, though. With these handy tips, you can actually get a guy to chase you 🏃 over text for a change.

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Short, Sweet Texts That Don't Go on Too Long

performance, singing, performing arts, art, entertainment, KISS -- keep it short and simple. Guys tend to really only pay attention to the first few lines before a case of tl;dr syndrome sets in, so try to get to the point as quickly as possible.


Keep the Text Ratio Even, 1 for 1

person, profession, Calm, down, This won't overwhelm him, which is terribly important if you want him to pay attention. Moreover, he won't think that you're coming on too strong or texting too much. Much more importantly, you won't worry about that, either.


Leave Him Wanting More

person, hair, eyebrow, hairstyle, brown hair, This is why the first two tips are so important -- they keep things short, straight, and to the point. At the same time, keep the details to a bare minimum sometimes. Give him time, space, and opportunity to ask questions because, if you leave him wanting more, he most certainly will ask.


The art of being mysterious is much like a dance; you reveal steps piece by piece, never showing the entire choreography at once. By withholding some details, you ignite his curiosity and draw him into the intrigue of your life. It's a whole lot of fun to drop tiny crumbs of information and then let him piece them together. Imagine receiving a message that teases, "Had the most amazing day - stumbled upon something unexpected!" You've said almost nothing, but it's just enough to make him send that inevitable follow-up, "Oh really? Tell me more!" Now, the ball is in your court.


Don't Text Him Unless He Texts You

Adidas Neo, person, human action, adidas, NEO, Not always, obviously, that's silly, but I know most of us secretly keep a tally of how often certain people text us first versus how often we text them first. I know, that's silly, too, but it happens. Anyway, when you're trying to make him chase you through text instead of you texting him all the time, grit your teeth and put your texting thumbs on lockdown until he bites first.


It's like a dance, where patience is your rhythm and mystery your step. Avoid the urge to double-text—it's the digital equivalent of showing your whole hand before the game has even begun. Besides, there's something thrilling about seeing his name pop up on your screen after a period of 'radio silence'. It tells you that he's been thinking about you enough to reach out, confirming that your absence is truly felt. And isn't that the point? To be missed and not just available at the ding of a text notification.


Be Mysterious

person, singing, guitarist, bangs, singer, Intrigue someone and they'll be yours forever. You don't have to lie or pretend to be someone else to be mysterious. Just, again, keep some of the details to a bare minimum and don't volunteer everything about yourself right up front. Keep him guessing.


Letting curiosity flourish in conversation creates an irresistible puzzle for him to solve. Share snippets of your life that pique interest, sprinkling hints of your weekend plans without giving away the guest list. Tease him with a photo of a breathtaking view or the aftermath of a recipe you nailed. It's about balance—mixing openness with a dash of secrecy that compels him to yearn for the next piece of your story. Keep texts light and evocative, enough to stir imagination, but always leave space for questions. He'll be keen to learn more, ensuring he keeps coming back for that next clue.


Ask Questions That Make Him Think

hair, hairstyle, person, black hair, Did, This is another way to intrigue someone. Asking a person questions that really make them think is an excellent, practically foolproof way to keep them interested in you. Indeed, they'll keep coming back for more.


Asking thought-provoking questions is a powerful tool in keeping someone interested in you over text. It shows that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them and can lead to engaging and meaningful conversations. This technique can also help you stand out from other people they may be texting and make you more memorable. Additionally, asking questions that make him think can also reveal his interests, values, and personality, allowing you to build a stronger connection with him. It is important to strike a balance between asking too many questions and giving him space to share his thoughts.


Show Your Wit via Text

hair, person, model, vacation, brown hair, Wit is a highly underrated trait. Polish yours to a sharp point and use it like a rapier when you text the guy who's caught your fancy. He won't be able to resist coming after you. No one will, honestly -- wit is sexy and it's exciting to be around witty people.

It's a shame that anyone has to play chase-me-chase-me games, but it's a fact that they do, especially when they're embattled in the much bigger game of love. No harm, no foul -- it's also fun in the early days, plus you have to admit that it's tiresome to constantly chase after men to get them to communicate. Have you ever tried to get a guy to chase you over text? How did that go?

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Kinda sucks if you have to start the text all the time

I am a dude and I can certainly say this is working for the girl I’m talking too

How do I show Wit? What is wit?

It was a total wreck last time I tried

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