Tinder Openers That Will Lead to the One ...

Okay, okay, I know “Tinder” and “soulmate” don't really belong together, but these are awesome Tinder openers that will work on any dating app or site. Hell, they'll even work in person. People have had a lot of luck with these so it’s worth a shot to try them out yourself!

1. Do You Play Quidditch? Because You Look like a Keeper

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Even if he's not a Harry Potter fan, he'll probably get the reference. If he doesn't get the reference, you can make your choice based on that. If he doesn't like Harry Potter, then … I mean, do you really want to date him anyway? The point is, this one is cute – but, in the interest of full disclosure, there's a small chance that this could possibly somehow lead to an unsolicited dick pic.

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