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19 Sexy Texts to Make Him Want You... Now ...

By Lyndsie

Texting turns so easily into sexting when you're talking to someone you're seriously into, don't you think? It might be your crush, your FWB, your boyfriend, or your husband (ditto your girlfriend or wife, tbh), but either way, sometimes you just want to make him want you so bad that he can't even stand it. Since texting makes that so easy and since you can do it discreetly, it's a sexy, secret way to make your man want you like nobody's business. These sexy texts to make him want you will do the trick.

1 “What Would You like Me to Wear to Bed Tonight?”

photo shoot, You'll get him thinking about the two of you together no matter where he is at the time.

2 “I Don't Know Why, but All I Want Right Now is Sex.”

black, white, painting, photograph, vision care, Directly letting him know what you want at the moment is a sure way to make him want you.

3 “I Dreamed That I Was Your Sex Slave Last Night and It Was so Hot.”

photo shoot, pattern, formal wear, Who, are, Knowing that someone you fancy had a sex dream about you does wonders for both the ego and the libido.

4 “when You Get Home, Let's Watch Some Porn.”

Only say this if you actually enjoy watching porn with your partner, though.

5 “I Wish You Were Here Right Now. I'm Too Damn Horny!”

person, people, profession, keyboard, Rexty, No matter where he is, you can bet your butt that he's going to try to get home as soon as he can.

6 “I'm Going to Wear the Shortest Skirt I Have Tonight.”

black, white, performance, black and white, photography, A little bit of promise, a little bit of teasing, and a whole lot of anticipation are all wrapped up in this text.

7 “I Just Bought New Underwear and Can't Wait to Show It to You.”

person, black and white, film noir, Protip: remember that sexy underwear is any underwear that makes you look and feel sexy.

8 “if I Were with You Right Now, Where Would You Want Me to Touch You?”

“if I Were with You Right Now, Where Would You Want Me to Touch You?” This will almost certainly set off a round of proper sexting.

9 “I’m Trying to Sleep, but I Can’t Stop Thinking about All the Things You Could do to Me if You Were with Me Right Now.”

Freeform, text, mobile phone, gadget, text messaging, This will get his imagination going off in all sorts of dirty directions.

10 “do You Believe in Kiss and Tell? Because I Want You to Kiss Me and do Things to Me in Your Mind and Tell Me All about It.”

person, toy, selfie, sculpture, Here's another way to start a seriously sexy sexting game.

11 “Wanna Play a Game with Me?”

City, clothing, outerwear, Citytv, Or you could just ask, of course.

12 “do You Check Me out when I Walk Away?”

hair, hairstyle, blond, costume, Not only will he now be thinking about you from the back, but when the guy you're into does that, it can be an ego boost, right?

13 “Have You Ever Skinny Dipped?”

person, white, photograph, human positions, photography, Anything to get him thinking about you naked, right?

14 “What’s Your Idea of Good Foreplay?”

person, facial expression, portrait, emotion, xfactor, This will, of course, get him thinking of said foreplay, plus you can learn what he likes and reveal your own favorite foreplay techniques.

15 “What’s Your Favorite Sexual Fantasy?”

person, human action, singing, TYDA, Bonus points if you use this information to play out his fantasy later.

16 “How Long Will It Take for You to Get Here?”

person, hair, blond, facial expression, singing, Sometimes, you just have to let your boo know that you're serious and it's urgent.

17 “Have You Ever Felt Horny While Texting with Me?”

hair, person, hairstyle, singer, profession, If you've never ventured into sexting territory, this is a great way to get started.

18 "Guess What I'm Thinking? I'll Give You a Hint. It Involves My Tongue and You, Naked."

red, person, art, portrait photography, glasses, This type of message can be enhanced with a few well-chosen emoji, just so you know.

19 "Sucking on a Blow Pop Right Now and Thinking of You..."

hair, person, hairstyle, portrait photography, portrait, Speaking of imagery, am I right?

How do you get your lover excited over text? Do you have a secret emoji language or is well-written prose more arousing?


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