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15 Funny Valentine's Day Cards for Your Sweetheart ...

By Holly

While the rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with romance and sweetness, I’m more of a “celebrate with stupidity” sort of girl, so I’ll be sending my sweetie one of these funny and/or inappropriate cards instead of a mushy one.

1 Wait! Read the inside!

text, font, poster, brand, shape,This one seems a little creepy, til you see the inside. Ha!
Price: $4.25 at

2 Cuddle Party!

text, cartoon, font, organ, moustache,This card is more for a crush from a secret admirer. It’s so cute!
Price: $4.25 at

3 It’s True...

text, pink, font, illustration, calligraphy,My butt IS a lot bigger than my heart, so this sentiment is actually a lot sweeter than you’d think, right?
Price: $4.25 at

4 Heh

cartoon, organ, illustration, The, First,This is almost certainly the one I’ll be sending to my one and only this year.
Price: $9.62 at

5 Rick Roll

text, advertising, document, material, THINGS,Is there any better time than Valentine’s Day to Rick Roll someone? I think not.
Price: $9.62 at

6 Cross-Stitch

advertising, art, poster, pattern, banner,This sure isn’t your gran’s cross-stitch pattern, but this is my favorite curse word, and I use it often, so…
Price: $9.62 at

7 Elle!

text, cartoon, product, brand, pattern,This would be an awesome card to give your Stranger Things-loving sweetheart, along with a box of Eggo waffles maybe?
Price: $5.00 at

8 Best Card EVER. YUGE!

text, product, brand, THIS, CARD,Love him or hate him, you have to admit Trump does have a way with… umm… words. The best words! Like the ones on this card.
Price: $5.00 at

9 Bweep Boop Beep!

pattern, paper, gift, dBLEEPRLOOP, BLEEP,R2D2 is always helpful, saving galaxies and perhaps bolstering your romantic relationships.
Price: $5.29 at

10 Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

text, font, organ, brand, heart,If your sweetie reads this then says “I couldn’t if I tried,” you know he’s a keeper and you should perhaps consider wifing him up him immediately.
Price: $13.18 at

11 Monkeys

pink, product, WERE, MONKEYS,, PICK,Ha! This one made me laugh way more than it should have.
Price: $3.69 at

12 Donuts

pink, product, illustration, picture frame,Okay, I added this one mostly because it has donuts on it, and I really, really love donuts. Also, sure, the sentiment is sweet. That too, but mostly, donuts.
Price: $3.69 at

13 No Idea!

poster, HAD, IDEA, WHAT, GET,I love the contrast between the gorgeous card and its funny concept. By the way, I never know what to get anyone either.
Price: $6.34 at

14 For Your Squad Leader

product, Does, this, make, look,Who says you can only buy a Valentine’s Day card for your hubs or BF? Why not buy one for your bestie, your squad leader? This one’s cute...
Price: $3.49 at

15 Ha!

World Padel Tour, text, brand, GOT, YOU,This one doesn’t really seem funny until you read the inside… then it’s great! #dying
Price: $3.69 at

Which one of these Valentine’s Day cards do you think you’ll give your human this year? Or is there another funny card you’ve seen?

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