15 Funny Valentine's Day Cards for Your Sweetheart ...


15 Funny Valentine's Day Cards for Your Sweetheart ...
15 Funny Valentine's Day Cards for Your Sweetheart ...

While the rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with romance and sweetness, I’m more of a “celebrate with stupidity” sort of girl, so I’ll be sending my sweetie one of these funny and/or inappropriate cards instead of a mushy one.

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Wait! Read the inside!

text, font, poster, brand, shape, This one seems a little creepy, til you see the inside. Ha!
Price: $4.25 at amazon.com


Cuddle Party!

text, cartoon, font, organ, moustache, This card is more for a crush from a secret admirer. It’s so cute!
Price: $4.25 at amazon.com


It’s True...

text, pink, font, illustration, calligraphy, My butt IS a lot bigger than my heart, so this sentiment is actually a lot sweeter than you’d think, right?
Price: $4.25 at amazon.com



cartoon, organ, illustration, The, First, This is almost certainly the one I’ll be sending to my one and only this year.
Price: $9.62 at amazon.com


Rick Roll

text, advertising, document, material, THINGS, Is there any better time than Valentine’s Day to Rick Roll someone? I think not.
Price: $9.62 at amazon.com



advertising, art, poster, pattern, banner, This sure isn’t your gran’s cross-stitch pattern, but this is my favorite curse word, and I use it often, so…
Price: $9.62 at amazon.com



text, cartoon, product, brand, pattern, This would be an awesome card to give your Stranger Things-loving sweetheart, along with a box of Eggo waffles maybe?
Price: $5.00 at amazon.com


Best Card EVER. YUGE!

text, product, brand, THIS, CARD, Love him or hate him, you have to admit Trump does have a way with… umm… words. The best words! Like the ones on this card.
Price: $5.00 at amazon.com


Bweep Boop Beep!

pattern, paper, gift, dBLEEPRLOOP, BLEEP, R2D2 is always helpful, saving galaxies and perhaps bolstering your romantic relationships.
Price: $5.29 at amazon.com


Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

text, font, organ, brand, heart, If your sweetie reads this then says “I couldn’t if I tried,” you know he’s a keeper and you should perhaps consider wifing him up him immediately.
Price: $13.18 at amazon.com



pink, product, WERE, MONKEYS,, PICK, Ha! This one made me laugh way more than it should have.
Price: $3.69 at amazon.com



pink, product, illustration, picture frame, Okay, I added this one mostly because it has donuts on it, and I really, really love donuts. Also, sure, the sentiment is sweet. That too, but mostly, donuts.
Price: $3.69 at amazon.com


No Idea!

poster, HAD, IDEA, WHAT, GET, I love the contrast between the gorgeous card and its funny concept. By the way, I never know what to get anyone either.
Price: $6.34 at amazon.com


For Your Squad Leader

product, Does, this, make, look, Who says you can only buy a Valentine’s Day card for your hubs or BF? Why not buy one for your bestie, your squad leader? This one’s cute...
Price: $3.49 at amazon.com



World Padel Tour, text, brand, GOT, YOU, This one doesn’t really seem funny until you read the inside… then it’s great! #dying
Price: $3.69 at amazon.com

Which one of these Valentine’s Day cards do you think you’ll give your human this year? Or is there another funny card you’ve seen?

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These are all great!

It's remarkable how long we've tolerated each other 😆😆😆

So where do we get them??

Haha some of these are fun, although I think I might skip the card this time around and make my own love letter as I haven't done that much and feeling like I should get the creative juices going as I love writing ^_^

Happy Valentine's Day guys 😍

They're all so cute, but the problem is that I don't have a valentine...

It's all cute and fun. Love them!

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