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7 "Good Girl" Traits All Guys Want in a Woman ...

By Holly

Whenever you watch a film, good girls are depicted as boring and bland while the bad girls are depicted as fun and flirty. I mean, look at Sandy in the last scene of Grease. However, you should remember that Danny fell in love with the real Sandy, the "good girl" Sandy. Seeing her in tight leather was just a bonus. Instead of trying to be the bad girl that you think every guy wants, here are some good girl traits that will make him fall in love with you:

1 Nurturing

If you end up being the mother of his children, he'll want you to be able to calm the kids down after a nightmare and make soup for them when they're sick. However, even if children aren't in your future, he'll still appreciate a nurturing nature. As manly as guys want to appear, they love having someone who will rub their shoulders and cuddle with them.

2 Trustworthy

When a man gives you his heart, he wants to know that you won't break it. If you're trustworthy, then he won't have to worry about you cheating on him or lying about your past. Men are more fragile than they appear, so they don't want to enter a relationship with someone they can't trust.

3 Dignity

Men want a woman who they can take to a party without getting embarrassed. If you're the type to gulp down several shots and start dancing on a table, he won't want to bring you home to his parents for the holidays. As appealing as the "party girl" is when he's looking for a one-night-stand, he'll want a "good girl" with dignity when he decides to settle down.

4 Dependable

Most men want to be find a woman who will pick him up when his car breaks down or attend a work event with him when he needs her to. If he calls you ten times and you don't answer, he won't be happy, because it shows that you're not very dependable. He needs someone whom he can rely on.

5 Humble

If you're an amazing dancer, that's fantastic. If you're an amazing dancer and don't brag about how amazing you are, that's even better. Men like women who are humble about their talents, because they want to do all the bragging for you.

6 Nonjudgemental

Men, like women, have baggage that they'll bring to the relationship. Your man will feel more comfortable with you if he knows that you won't hold his past against him. If you're super judgmental, then he might hide some things from you, and you don't want that.

7 Genuine

Nobody wants to find out that they're dating a liar. You can pretend to be someone you're not for a little while, but you can't keep up the charade forever. He's eventually going to find out, and when he does, he won't be happy. Let him fall in love with the real you, not the you that you think he wants.

Being a good girl is underrated. Don't let the media fool you into thinking that acting mean is the way to win a man's heart. You can get anyone you want just by being your sweet self. What other good girl traits do you notice men often looking for in a woman?

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