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There are certain characteristics that guys look for in a girl. These are things that make you girlfriend material to a guy. While you always need to be yourself, it’s also good to know what a guy is looking for. When you know what guys are generally looking for then you can be your best self which probably naturally includes at least several of these traits. If there’s a trait that you know you don’t have then maybe it’s something you’ll want to work on to make sure that you’re your best self.

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A Positive Personality

Guys generally don’t like Debbie Downers. A positive personality is something that always draws people to you. Everyone appreciates optimism. If you aren’t naturally optimistic, there’s no reason to panic. Anyone can work on looking on the bright side of things. This’s a good habit to work on anyway, since you’ll benefit from it the most.


A Good Listener

Guys appreciate a good listener. They want you to be interested in what’s going on in their world. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a turn at talking. Good conversations have two participants. And good conversationalists are good at both making conversation and being a good listener.


You Make an Effort to Look Your Best

You don’t have to be a beauty queen to catch a guy’s attention. But guys do usually appreciate a girl that puts some effort into her appearance. This is where it’s all about you and your personal style. The definition of looking your best will be different for everyone. You know what works best for you in this area.



Being a confident girl is something that makes you definite girlfriend material. That’s because confidence is very sexy. Clingy girlfriends aren’t something guys usually want to deal with. Confidence is something that you can work on getting stronger at. It’s a matter of learning to believe in yourself and realizing how wonderful that you truly are.


You’re Fun to Hang out with

Of course guys want a girl that’s fun to hang out with. Girls want that in a guy too, right? This one doesn’t require anything special. Just enjoy being with your guy and let him know you have a good time when you’re together. It’s great if you can find some fun activities that you can enjoy doing together.


You Stay Away from Drama

Here’s a little secret, ladies. Most guys hate drama. They generally don’t enjoy the company of girls that’re constantly involved in it. They can handle a little drama in your life because it’s impossible not to have some drama sometimes. However, if you have a feeling that you might be a full-fledged drama queen that’s always in a mess, then it might be a good idea to work on that trait.


You like Him for Who He is

Just like you want a guy to like you for who you are, most guys want you to like them for who they are. It’s all a matter of keeping it real, right? Just be yourself and encourage him to do the same. Feeling like he’s accepted for who he is can make you the one that steals his heart forever. Let him know you value him for the special person he is.

These are 7 characteristics that make you girlfriend material. Do you see any of them in yourself? Share your thoughts here.

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I don't know if I'm boring or not :/

I think a big part of the 'drama' guys don't like is when girls take things too personally. If z friend of his is joking about something distasteful, just brush it off... You're not dating him!

Thank u :)

I completely agree with this whole thing.

I'm screwed on a few of these

I can't disagree! But..it's scary how much this reads like "the cool girl" lol😏

sounds like me

I agree! Can you tell me how to get the photo you have put here..i really like it!

Agreed on these! Enjoy being with him ! Be positive and have fun! X

What about being yourself? Guys, for the most part, like girls who aren't fake.

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